1. S

    Renewing SSL

    I am renewing SSL for 1 year on Namecheap and it's 11 USD, is there a cheaper way to do it?
  2. M

    My site is loading not secure grey circle ?

    Hi today and happy Friday ! I have a littl eproblem searching the last three days for a solution but not found one. I have a domain on google cloud vm with hestia panel and Let's Encrypt ssl. But my site is loading the first milliseconds with grey circle (not secure)- then after that, the...
  3. 4ry4n

    [Question] Where to get a free SSL cert, other than Cloudflare?

    Hello BHW, I have been wondering, Is there a place that gives out free SSL other than Cloudflare? And if there is one, is it better than Cloudflare for a humble blogger like me? To my knowledge Cloudflare is only 3 months long, is there a free option after that? Thank you for your time!
  4. soperwq1911

    Windows server security expert wanted

    Hello guys, I am looking for an expert who knows about securing Windows servers. In detail, it is about the following: - Secure deletion of old Windows servers, complete overwriting of hard disks - Encrypt connection via Windows RDP over SSL - Deactivate logging completely, remove spyware -...
  5. sxopetjs

    About SSL

    Hello people, Which free SSL is Best For SEO Ranking? Cloudflare SSL VS letsencrypt SSL Thank you in advance
  6. crissdinesh

    Full or Flexibile SSL from Cloudflare for Blogger site?

    Hello BHW, Recently I added Cloudflare to one of my blogger custom domains. The settings are given below: On blogger: On Cloudflare: Chrome browser ssl check I see no issues with my site at this moment. The http, https, www and non-www versions are correctly pointing to preferred...
  7. MrDenz

    Letsencrypt & Namecheap SSL

    I just got a fresh domain and hosting and I was not even paying attention because I'm with NameCheap since 2012 and I'm sure it was always free SSL (I might be wrong), and as order details hit my mail, there was no SSL included in all these. The thing is, it is not a problem to pay extra...
  8. KeySara

    SSL Buy?

    so i am running multiple webstie 5 to 6. but i want to be more secure about my website so i am going to purchase SSL for my websites. but i couldn't find offering for multiple website. can u suggest me SSL Provider Website at cheap price?
  9. RanQ Higher

    Looking for SSL Certification!

    Where can I buy cheap SSL for multiple websites? Share your best options!
  10. E


    Hi there, What is the importance of SSL for an ecommerce website? My question is in the context of SEO as well as development. Thanks in anticipation
  11. kd199121

    Got an issue with my SSL ! Anybody up for help ?

    Hey i am running my website with proper ssl but i am facing one problem The problem is when i am trying to open it from a new device for example - i open it from a new device the it shows not secure But after a refresh it is showing secure ! But i want the site to show securre when...
  12. Wrath Of God

    [Method] Get Top Level Domain name(com,net etc)+Free Custom Email And SSL Certificate For $0.99

    Disclaimer: The article was once written and published as a guest post by myself on a popular blog in 2017. Now while checking the article, it looks like the admin has removed the article. So I thought why don't I share it here and let it be useful for someone. Sharing this method for those who...

    Is SSL essential for ranking a website in the Top 10?

    I'm trying to create some blogs and monetize them with ads. I realized that SSL is a very important factor, but at the moment I have no money and no time for a job (full time college). I know there are free ways to get SSL, but I came across the following problem: The free servers I found do not...
  14. Icey Dan

    [HOW TO] Quickly Host Any Content Locker Or Landing Page 100% FREE Using GitHub Pages

    Hey guys! I was going to make a big long text post explaining how to do this because I think it will really help out a lot of people - but then I figured it was easier just to record a video explaining it all. This is how you can quickly host any content locker or landing page in minutes (SSL...
  15. KJREDDY247@ - are they legit?

    Any one of you guys used their services? Does that basic 3$ one is Lets Encrypt SSL? Any suggestions will be appreciated?
  16. akshay_saini

    About Google and SSL

    Hello everybody, Do you have any idea if google treats SSL types in a different manner? For example, if a website has an EV SSL, is it more trusted than a similar one having a DV SSL? I personally noticed some indexing changes during EV. However, I see that Chrome doesn't even show the...
  17. D

    http 394 backlinks https 6 backlinks Is it normal?

    Hi All, Lastweek i moved my one of the old website from http to https using cloudflare. When i see the backlinks, it is showing like below Is it ok? I'm i miss something? And also someone please help me on how can i increase my domain rating? Thanks
  18. N

    Force python3.x requests to use specific Header order, HTTP version and TLS version?

    Its possible? i am debugging and android apk and i want to look like a human when connecting to api the api uses TLSv1.2 and HTTP/2.0 The Specific Header order matters in these api, they have protected these way(shitty way i think , if you dont sent headers in a X order they detect you like...
  19. PassiveJ

    Being Charged For SSL With HostGator?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone else is in this boat? Paid for 2 x SSL (for 2 x sites) with hostgator last year, shortly before they started giving them away for free. Now noticed they have charged a renewal fee for each SSL. But new customers get for free wtf?
  20. D

    [Need Help] with DigitalOcean + CloudFlare SSL

    I need help with adding SSL to my site hosted at Digital Ocean. Please comment or PM.
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