ssl certificate

  1. sxopetjs

    About SSL

    Hello people, Which free SSL is Best For SEO Ranking? Cloudflare SSL VS letsencrypt SSL Thank you in advance
  2. KeyzDT

    Empirical High Authority(DA30+) Backlinks From Niche PBN with SSL to Power up your site

  3. RanQ Higher

    Looking for SSL Certification!

    Where can I buy cheap SSL for multiple websites? Share your best options!
  4. insom

    Any SSL for Free Alternative?

    SSL for Free was giving free ssl certificate to multiple website before. But it seems like they have changed their system now. Now you have to register your account and then you can get only 3 certificates for 90 days. Anybody knows better alternative then this? 90 days renewal period is not...
  5. E


    Hi there, What is the importance of SSL for an ecommerce website? My question is in the context of SEO as well as development. Thanks in anticipation
  6. the gent

    SSL Certificate Issue

    Hi all I bought a hosting plan yesterday and the SSL Certificate come with hosting plan for free, and when i want to set up SSL for my domain, it does not work even if the Certificate is already installed in my cPanel and i did the 'Run AutoSSL', yet it didn't go green lock, did someone faced...
  7. imonboss

    My SSL is Expired. Site is back to http mode. How would Google Treat?

    So, one of my sites is back to its primitive http mode due to the expiration of the ssl cert. I am wondering if google will treat my site differently from now on. When I say that, I mean would i get less ranking? There will a mixtures of http and https version of my sites in google index? If i...
  8. kd199121

    Got an issue with my SSL ! Anybody up for help ?

    Hey i am running my website with proper ssl but i am facing one problem The problem is when i am trying to open it from a new device for example - i open it from a new device the it shows not secure But after a refresh it is showing secure ! But i want the site to show securre when...
  9. W

    [Method] Get Top Level Domain name(com,net etc)+Free Custom Email And SSL Certificate For $0.99

    Disclaimer: The article was once written and published as a guest post by myself on a popular blog in 2017. Now while checking the article, it looks like the admin has removed the article. So I thought why don't I share it here and let it be useful for someone. Sharing this method for those who...
  10. S

    SSL for mobile

    Hello guys! I activated in my C Panel the SSL sertificates but they’re working only on desktop. If i Access my website from mobile it says “unsecured” in the link. Do you know how to secure this for mobile platform? Do you know any plugin for wp? Thank you
  11. akshay_saini

    About Google and SSL

    Hello everybody, Do you have any idea if google treats SSL types in a different manner? For example, if a website has an EV SSL, is it more trusted than a similar one having a DV SSL? I personally noticed some indexing changes during EV. However, I see that Chrome doesn't even show the...
  12. developer1989

    SSL certificate from host service or domain registrar? porkbun offering free SSL. Can i use the SSL?

    Usually who offer SSL certificate. I meean https:// I want to register a domain name Can i go with porkbun with free ssl?
  13. Anna Barley

    How to renew a free SSL certificate in CloudFlare

    Hi, how to renew an SSL certificate?
  14. D

    [Need Help] with DigitalOcean + CloudFlare SSL

    I need help with adding SSL to my site hosted at Digital Ocean. Please comment or PM.
  15. IG Pro

    [Help] Error 526 Invalid SSL Certificate

    Hello everyone, lately i had problem with my website it stopped working without any reason. SC: I've contacted my hosting provider (Vultr) and they've responded, SC: Since i am huge noob on website development and these things about websites, i've no idea what is he talking about. I am also...
  16. S

    301 redirection

    recently I add SSL certificate to my WordPress website Now how it is important to redirect my old homepage 301 redirects and how can I do this any video link? (Newbie)
  17. lacover

    [GET] Free SSL certificate

    You actually need some knowledge so don't think it's that easy. This article will explain to you how you can auto-certificate your site. I hope it's not repost.
  18. A

    What happened to BHW SSL Certificate?

    Why Blackhatworld site is not secure?
  19. Rohini Singh

    How much does SSL effects the ranking in 2018?

    i don't have ssl for my tech niche site can anyone tell me how to how much does it goona increase my ranking if i starting using .
  20. Adracus

    Need help with hosting/domain/ssl

    Hi , I haven't bought a domain recently. Now I am looking to buy those 3 as cheap as I can because I will be changing domains. Where do you guys buy? Please without ref links and scammy sites. Thanks :)