1. hideath

    [Guide] Speed up your Wordpress website with Redis + Free Nulled Plugin

    There are a ton of guides shared here in BHW covering everything you need to do to speed up your wordpress website, I won't be creating another duplicate thread with the same information, With this guide, you'll learn how to use Redis in your WP website to get even faster loading speed & cache...
  2. mangoodi

    Speed, Accuracy and Quality!

    What techniques and tools are available to improve website speed without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of the content ?
  3. TooCorny

    Nginx or Apache & Best PHP Handler for Wordpress Sites

    Hello there guys, I am reading some documentation about nginx and apache on plesk forums and I see some contrary information about nginx and apache. Everybody says that nginx loads websites faster but on the other side some say that tapache might be better for wordpress to avoid...
  4. HatSwitcher

    [FREE REVIEW COPY] Premium WordPress Speedup Plugin - FREE During the Launch Phase

    Hello guys, I’ve developed a plugin that helps WordPress Websites’ performance. It’s not an all-in-one optimization tool. Instead, it tweaks one segment of the speedup optimization equation. That way you can combine it with other plugins (free or premium) that omit this feature. The purpose of...
  5. Slangur

    What Is The Fastest You've Ranked A KW?

    Hello, i hope all is well with you. I am just curious. If you have actually ranked a money-site for a keyword that brought in results (whether it was high KD or low KD). What is the fastest you have ranked on page 1? Or ranked top 3? - For a certain KW?
  6. davidsmurf

    What's your opinion on NextJS blogs?

    I've been recently learning how to make a shopify APP and ran into NextJS. I was really impressed not only by the website templates they provide, but also on how fast everything loads on the browser. Their web store took 1.5s to fully load on google speed, while most shopify page take 7 seconds+...
  7. Slangur

    What is The Fastest That You Have Ranked?

    Hello, out of my own curiosity im wondering, what is the shortest amount of time / what is the fastest that you have ranked a keyword? Even if it is a KGR/ LongTail/ Has High KD.. Personally how fast have you ranked a keyword in the top 3 in the serps before?
  8. gentishady

    Best Wordpress Plugins for Speed and Optimisation?

    Hi BHW Fam how are you all? Lately I've been deleting some of the plugins on my blog for better speed and optimisation. I use WPRocket along with Autoptimise and Perfmatters. My question is what are the best combination of plugins for speed/optimise? Which ones do you guys use ? Also suggestion...
  9. L

    How to fix these issues

    Remove duplicate or additional meta description tags Try to reduce the number of used JavaScript files. website url : shorturl.at/fhwxP
  10. L

    wp rocket help

    How to fix .ttf file is taking alot of time in gmatrix how to fix these files in wprocket can some one please help me thank you
  11. mindmaster

    F you VPN ~ 93-97% speed reduction

    The speeds on VPNs are f$&^ up. How do you manage to use VPNs? What are your choices? I am from Europe. I wanted to test some things on US/UK ips. My patience is put to the test. Here are a few tests on speed. 1 - connected to VPN - US IP 2 - connected to VPN - UK IP 3 - no VPN To make...
  12. kurosaki4d

    Help! Cloudflare caches my WP admin bar

    Hi, I am using Cloudflare CDN with my WordPress site. I noticed a huge mistake, i'm using as a Page rule "Cache everything" in Cloudflare, this makes my page a bit faster, but the problem is that it caches my black admin bar at the top. When the visitor is inspecting the page, he gets to see...
  13. Festinger Vault


    Welcome Are you looking for a discount coupon? Feel free to ask for one in this thread! >> Boost & Secure Your Website NOW! << Are you looking for a discount coupon? Feel free to ask for one in this thread! >> Boost & Secure Your Website NOW! <<
  14. benj_pirate

    Trying to get my SG wordpress site to load faster

    I have been looking online a loot to get a page that load fast. I managed to get decent metrix on GTmetrix see image: Here is my configuration: Siteground gogeek + cloudflare (free) + SG optimizer. Spent hours trying to configure these as good as possible thanks to google/here/youtube help...
  15. D

    Page speed insights vs pingdom: Whom should I rely on?

    question in title.
  16. ShashiKumaar

    Regarding Website Speed Issue?

    Hi BHW, Recently I created a new website for B2B clients for their industrial products. Dragged down loading size from 40mb website to under 5mb. But not much success on website loading speed which is around 15s to 20s. How do we reducing the orange color which is making my website slow? How...
  17. h4tcargo

    Updating to PHP 7.4 affects SEO for your site. Have you already updated?

    From my experience, your website should be running the latest versions of PHP for a maximum push to your website up Google’s search rankings. I am still hesitant to update to PHP 7.4 though, after Hostinger has provided the possibility. Have you spotted improvements personally?
  18. robin222

    SERP does not move, or even drops?

    One week to two weeks ago, I increased the loading speed of the website by a factor of two (through the pingdom site speed test); At the same time, I added about 10 articles to the website keywords to improve the relevance of the keywords; I also Increased the density of page keywords...
  19. robin222

    The website loading speed is increased by 2 times. Do I need to resubmit the URL to the google webma

    My keyword ranking is on page 2 of Google. Recently, I increased the loading speed of the website, which almost doubled the effect. Should I resubmit the URL of the page where the keywords are located to the google webmaster console to improve the ranking?
  20. robin222

    Why can't SERP push to Google's 1 page?

    I have a few keywords on one website that have been on the bottom of Google's first page, or on pages 2 and 3. I recently wrote 20 articles for these keywords and have been indexed by Google! At the same time, I am also adding some relatively good backlinks; the day before yesterday I optimized...
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