spam score

  1. zuzuxx

    Spam score high on a new domain?

    Hey guys, I recently created a new website for my marketing agency and used the Moz chrome extension to see what my spam score was. It's at 39%... Im so confused as to why it's so high? I only just created it? Does it matter anyway? Or will Google penalise me? Thanks in advance guys!
  2. A

    need websites for ppt & pdf submission

    hello, I need websites that have low spam scores (less than 5 ) and high da (more than 30) for ppt & pdf submissions.
  3. iamtheepxert

    Do I need to worry about MOZ spam score of 2% for my new website?

    Hi, Recently I bought some profile backlinks for one of my website which is having a monthly traffic b/w 300-500 visitors. To improve DR, i bought some backlinks. Before those backlinks, my spam score was 1%. But soon after backlinks are live my MOZ spam score gone upto 2%. Do i need to really...
  4. seojen

    Can a Domain with 60 Spam Score Rank on Google ?

    I have a domain name high DA but it also has a spam score of 61, do you think I can still use it and be able to rank on Google without being penalized. Has anyone else used a domain with such high spam score and still be able to rank? Any experience/suggestion about this is welcome.
  5. kuldeepsingh689

    Moz Spam Score

    Hello, My website MOZ spam score is 52%, even it has good backlinks profile and 0% links from domains having Spam Score of 61% to 100%. Can you please help why and how I can reduce it? Please refer Image:
  6. kuldeepsingh689

    Website Spam Score

    Hello, How are you? I need to know how to reduce my website spam score. I checked a few websites and find their websites have more spam score websites percentage than my website (my website spam score 44). Please refer to the screenshot, Look at Percent of Linking Domains with a Spam Score of...
  7. tazarbm

    Is Spam Score Important?

    Hi everyone, I have been holding onto a domain name that I found 2 years ago and which I deemed to be a good domain at that time, and I held onto it without doing anything with it. And soon it will be up for renewal and I need to decide once and for all if I'm going to use it or let it expire...
  8. alishakapoor

    Even Big G has confirmed Moz spam score is bullshit

    Check out
  9. provocative

    How can I make better this domain and rank it?

    Hi, I purchased a domain 4 months ago and I had no idea about spam score etc. I really like it and what I am doing is working with a Social Media traffic if I work hard. But I need organic traffic as well to reduce my workload for traffic and I started to focus SEO; I have several keywords...
  10. lumiux

    Is MOZ spam score reliable?

    I found a domain which is similar to my niche with some good link profile. I didn't find any spammy backlinks in the ahrefs. Now there is no footprint on Wayback as well. Its clean as far as i have checked. But one parameter that concerns me is the MOZ pam score which is 40%. What i have...
  11. kurosaki4d

    How to reduce my website Spam Score?

    Hello, I have a blog that it's around 10 months old. I've been working on it's SEO for a few months now. That been said, i noticed with MOZ tool that the spam score of my website is 22% when i looked up the backlinks of my domain, i found out that it has many Chinese backlinks who's spam score...
  12. L

    why spam score on my website increase?

    What is the relationship between Google and Moz, why does my website spam score go up from 0% to 12%? if there will be a great affect on my website?
  13. N

    Website spam score grow from 0 to 72

    Hi All, my websites have 0 spam score yesterday now its showing upto 72. There was no spam score before yesterday. Now my all sites spam score is high, I did not get spammy links and post duplicate content , what is the reason and how to recover it.
  14. SeedPhrase

    What spam score does(Moz)??

    there is something called spam score in Moz if I will be getting a do-follow link from a spammy site does it affect my site?? (how authority flows is spam score too)
  15. crossline

    [HELP]GSC mark my site as pure spam and affects to all my pages

    I just bought this site, and just knew had 60% spam scores when i check with moz, and GSC said. Pages on this site appear to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious violations of...
  16. Shropdog

    Expired dom with wiki links but used briefly for casino

    I have found a £1 expired domain in my niche that has relevant wikipedia links and lots of good relevant others as well as a almost 20 da metric. The domain was used last year for casino for a few months, and has a moz spam score of 38. Is it worth taking a risk with this for a local...
  17. B

    Is it correct way, to decrease spam score?

    Currently I have found that few post get linked from high spam score websites. There spam score number between 65 to 40. this spam score website not shown in google console only shown in moz explorer. If i will delete those pages from my website, is there chance to boost my SEO ranking...
  18. crissdinesh

    Moz is Mad! Spam score for Forbes is 33

    Hello BHW, We want to rank well on Google. Google's search console shows the site's performance, manual action, and other SEO things. Then, why there is a need for the 3rd party tool like Moz? I'm not familiar with Majestic or other tools. But people are concerned about PA, DA and Spam...
  19. silvalex

    Moz Spam Score Alternative?

    I use a host of different metrics. I look at the moz score in many cases. Many times I feel it's accurate and sometimes it's totally off. I know many people completely disregard it. What metrics do you use to identify spam?
  20. ATuringtest

    Moz Spam score accurate ?

    I have found a good domain name in my niche that has great back-links and lots of incoming. all the other metrics are good except Moz spam which says 41%. I checked links and the highest spam link is actually from a fully legit university in New Zealand which has a report that ties into my...