1. treyfas

    gilisoft ai toolkit Similar

    Hi Someone PC programs, similar to this one, looking for voices
  2. samkalt

    Convert Python Bot Into A PC Software

    I actually create a python automation bot and want to start selling but i want to convert into a software to add function like licenced key so only verified buyers can only get access to it. Or is there any way where only verified buyers can get access to my python bot after to they purchase it.
  3. A

    Telegram Groups Scrap/Add

    Hello guys, 7 years ago I started my first business based on Telegram Groups, for this (to gain new potential clients) I was using services and at some point a custom bot to scrap users from other telegram groups and add them to mine. After some years of not doing it, I am curious - is it...
  4. panfik

    Looking for Programmer, Soft Developer, Coder (Joint Venture)

    Lets get straight into it this JV is about My Marketing skills + ideas and you systems/ability to create systems/bots I’ve got a fuckin ton of ideas to get this up and running today Just need a long term, serious partner to bring this to the next level I’ve been doing SMMA and Internet...
  5. bamboleos

    Telegram Forward Bot

    Hi, i need specific auto-forwarding telegram bot. I need to forward from my channel to 400 other public channels. Doesn't need to forward to all 400 in one moment, can forward 10-12 messages every few minutes. 1 message that repeats every hour, send to the same channels each time. I need...
  6. samkalt

    Convert Python Bot Into A Software (PC APP)

    I create a python bot (script) and i want to sell it, but I want to turn into a software with subscription like 1 month , 2 month subscription. With the help of AI will be best, if it's available, because it can save time. I hope you understand.
  7. J

    6-Year License: Dupinout Duplicate Finder

    DupInOut Duplicate Finder Features: Find visually-similar photos Find duplicate music using music tags Find exact-matching duplicate documents Folder Compare Giveaway Key: GIVEX-AWAYX-28038 Version: License ends on: 31-Dec-2030 Terms & Conditions: Updating the software or...
  8. S

    How can I get email traffic?

    Can anyone give me a strategy to get traffic from email is there any website or software?
  9. H

    Twitter Bot Software

    I'm new here, after searching online for a program that can manage and direct bot twitter accounts, and was hoping to get some specific recommendations for software. Specifically, I'm trying to find if there are any programs that, in addition to the typical liking and posting that most, if not...
  10. chepsreboot

    CPA Hack niche 50+ custom

    Hey, so it's been quite a while since I updated this account. So let's begin my current situation: The mobile app is 95% completed. The app is a cash cow, but still truly valuable to the end user. Profit forecast is crazy And the Marketing/Sales/Finance desktop software is 80% finished. Now...
  11. panfik

    What's the best site for cracked/torrent software?

  12. rxnaldo

    [JV] My strategy + your TG script/software

    Hey BHWorld! I am looking for someone with experience using telegram scripts or softwares for scrape+add members from target groups. Basically my strategy is focused on growing groups/channels where we will post daily OF models content with their respective affiliate links which we will earn...
  13. alessz

    Looking for PornHub software developer

    Hello, i’m looking for an expert developer which has past experience on working into pornhub softwares , likes bot. in case you can work for this project just type down your telegram/skype below so we can discuss the project more clearly. thanks a lot
  14. kyuuk

    CPA/affiliate must-have software / services?

    I've been doing organic affiliate for a few years... But recent Google updates are leading me away from organic and into monetizing paid traffic. I'm used to having tools such as SEMRush/ahrefs, WP plugins like Lasso, and a mailing list like MailerLite/MailChimp... things I consider...
  15. Y

    Mining with 500+ computers

    Hii guys, Lately i've been doing a lot of research on the internet and came across a silent miner. I have access to over 500+ computers now and i was wondering for any tips, collabs or partnerships regarding the use of all these computers for mining. Please share me your thoughts and expertise...
  16. AussieDollar

    Question about file uploads to UploadGig / Nitroflare - DMCA

    I noticed sites like uploadgig and nitroflare have affiliate programs that pay for users to download their files which you can upload. I've understood that you shouldn't sell softwares/courses/Ebooks/Plugins on your website directly for lawsuit and DMCA reasons. So how much different is it if...
  17. Y

    Hardware Control: Integration of Employee Monitoring Software with Raspberry Pi (Assembly Language)

    In today's digital era, monitoring computer software is particularly important for companies. In order to more effectively monitor and store data, an innovative approach has emerged—using Assembly language to build Employee Monitoring Software on the Raspberry Pi. This article will introduce how...
  18. Bozuyuk

    a software language for getting started

    i want to learn software languages, what language should I use to get started, Python is usually recommended to understand its logic. What are you suggesting?
  19. Lczq

    How would I start account selling side hustle?

    Hi, Is there software made to make accounts so I could just list it on markets? How expensive is the software to do that and what do I need to start? Which accounts are worth making? Like a good effort-to-price ratio. Where should I find information about that? Any interesting topics here?
  20. Panther28

    When was the last time you backed up ALL your data, and stored it offsite?

    I just backed up my hard drive with the clone feature in AOMEI disk management software. Its pretty good. Now just have to store the hard drive off-site, which It will be shortly, then every couple of months, re-clone it, and repeat, & sleep safe! So when was the last time you backed up all...
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