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  1. O

    Earn money on likes

    Looking for sites that pay for likes, subscriptions and other actions on social networks. Something like likesplanet, fanslave, followfast, everve. Interested in earning money with their withdrawal, not just points to advertise their social networks. If the withdrawal of funds was confirmed by...
  2. LifetimeCharger

    Building a community? Find your target group? Tools? Marketing? I need your help :)

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out with a somewhat comprehensive topic that has been affecting and preoccupying me for a while now. I'm a coder and can implement my projects myself. I'm also familiar with appropriate hosting. What I lack is knowledge in the area of marketing / social media. I've...
  3. cosmo89

    Looking for Expert Developer to help me with Social Network for Anime Tv shows

    As the title says, I am looking for well experienced and multi-fluent development language person, who can help me with developing this Anime fan's social network. We have the mockup design, so you will know what we required, looking for a good and long-term person because we have regular...
  4. besard_thaci

    The objectives I definitely want to achieve

    Hello all members of the BlackHat World forum, Today I am sharing with you my goals that I want to achieve before the age of 25. I am currently 18 years old, and I am very excited about my future and the realization of my dreams. Cause of the crisis situation all over the world, and the country...
  5. N

    My Facebook Group won't load Members Requests, Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Hi BHW friends, I have facebook group and got couple requests from people to join my group but when I go to the section of members requests it simply won't load. I have tried using different account and different browser same thing is happening. If anyone has faced this issue I would be really...
  6. ellay

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes etc?

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes, views? Isn't it because it benefits them? It's easy to see how social networks tighten the screws where they need to and where not - you can add as much as you can. For example, as I write this post, it's extremely...
  7. Nancy224

    Hashtag reach down AGAIN?

    Two days ago I got my reach back after 2 weeks, TODAY I posted as usual and my reach is back down to 38 (!!!) Hashtag impressions after 5 hours!?!? Why Edit: updated the count and time.
  8. Nancy224

    My Facebook and Instagram biographies were aimlessly impaired on Friday morning, I have submitted prayers for both. What are my coming way?

    Early Friday morning, I woke up, opened the Facebook app on my phone, and was saluted with the screen saying my account has been impaired, and that"the decision is final". My Instagram account is linked with my Facebook profile, and by extension it's also impaired. I have submitted prayers on...
  9. Nancy224

    Facebook got blocked due to suspison of stolen identity and i can't get back in

    I have had this account for a while and a couple years back it got blocked. Problem is that i only ever logged in with my phone number and that is now changed. It let me log in with my credentials which i knew but then said i needed my phone number to confirm my identity. I do bot have that...
  10. Nancy224

    The bigger they come…

    Meta shares fell by further than 20 on Wednesday, wiping further than$ 240 billion off the value of the company after it published weaker-than- anticipated earnings, indeed weaker vaticinations, and statements by Mark Zuckerberg which show the company is extremely upset about the competition...
  11. Nancy224

    A graph highlighting the latest drop in following after algorithm update

  12. Nancy224

    Hey. My facebook gives me “ Login Error. An unanticipated error passed. Please try again latterly.”

    I get it when trying to log in with iOS app. It’s nearly a time without facebook app now. I can enter facebook typically from desktop. I was using iphone 8 when the problem started, and 6 months ago I changed to iphone 11 after which I could use the app again for 1-2 weeks, after which it logged...
  13. R

    I only have 100$

    Hi friends, I only have 100$, Can someone share with me the best methods to invest this money because I need to raise capital to start a C.O.D Business.
  14. j1ness

    I'm having trouble creating ads through my facebook fan page.

    Since the new Facebook update, I am unable to create a new fan page from a fake account to create ads. when my ad runs My ad account tells me that the fan page is restricted. and unable to advertise please help me I can't fix it :weep:
  15. hungry4f

    Manage Multiple Linkedin Accounts from the same system

    Hey everyone! I'm managing Linkedin accounts for several clients from different countries and log into their accounts from my laptop from different Chrome browser profiles. I would like to setup a system where I'm able to use a fixed IP address from their home countries in each profile when...
  16. gbadge

    Set a site which mainly gets traffic from Pinterest for affiliate

    Can I setup a website to promote etsy products in 2021? I mean set a site which mainly gets traffic from pinterest, not from SEO. I write blog posts with etsy affiliate links to promote products, and then pin the blog link on Pinterest, will it work? Etsy Affiliate ToS says social sharing...
  17. F

    [WTH]Looking for Someone to grow an Adult Subreddit

    I am looking for a person to help promoting and growing a subreddit in General Adult niche. Requirements: - Have good exp in Adult niche - Have good exp with Reddit Budget: Up to $1000 a month depends on the quality of the work and the amount of subscribers you can bring. Please Pm me with...
  18. G

    How can I monetize a politically incorrect website?

    Hello, as everyone knows facebook, twitter and many more sites are filling with moralfags, no one can express a sincere opinion because he is expelled from the social network. I want to create a small site where a person can express what they think without fear of being socially harassed or...
  19. kgf

    What is your favorite social network?

    After many years of using different social media platforms for business, I can confidently say Instagram is my favorite. What is your favorite social network?
  20. T

    How to give endorsement to all skills using Script?

    I was wondering if there is any method so I can just paste a script on a profile and BOOM!! endorsement for all skills will be given as Highly skilled! [p.s. I found one on GitHub but doesn't work anymore] PM for endorsement EXCHANGE !!
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