social media account verification

  1. ZyronMedia

    Is Verification over rated?

    What are your thoughts on social media verification? People pay upwards of $20k to get that blue check but is it overhyped? Or really worth it.
  2. J

    Social Media Verification / High End Press

    _____________________________________DIRECT SUPPLIER_________________________________________ All services backed by 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If verification not approved after two requests submitted. We have completed 50+ Verifications to date, providing clients with complete transparency...
  3. dilder

    [NEW] Verification Loop - Instagram Account Creation

    I have tried it with my personal PC and VPS but the result is the same regardless of proxy type (dedicated, static, private, public, 4G, etc.) or supplier, I will almost always get this message to ad a phone number to “get back into Instagram” which indicates that I have already been logged in...
  4. 1

    Build My Music Career !

    Hi, First time posting on here so hello to the fellow BlackHatWorld! Anyways I’m a musician who wants to make everything look bigger than it is to entice new fans because everybody looks at numbers these days. So pretty much I want to work closely with a person who can make things “go...
  5. F

    Hello, I'm a growing Digital Marketer, I'm new here

    I'm looking to gain all the knowledge on digital marketing from gurus on this forum. I'm focused on this aspects of digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Social Media Marketing. Content Marketing. Email Marketing. I'm willing...
  6. R

    Hi Newbie here

    Hi newbie to BHW. I joined to learn more about social media marketing opportunities. Im excited to gain knowledge from this platform.
  7. Sergeylovinch

    Social Media Blue Tick, Blue Tick, and Blue Tick (Shaking My Head)

    Been trying and researching for 2 solid years for the service that really does provide IG blue tick mark. As per my check - research, I found out that the requirements are: 1. High Authority Media Coverage Articles (8-10) 2. Wikipedia Page 3. Media Partner to Submit The Application I know...
  8. Vaibhav Adlakha

    Facebook phone verification service

    Hey everyone, Please, can someone suggest me a reliable, effective and risk-free Facebook phone verification service which one can use to verify Facebook accounts? You all know Facebook asks for your phone number when you create a new account on Facebook, so please suggest some websites that...
  9. EternalFun

    Understanding Proxies and Dedicated USA IP?

    Hi, I want to learn the different between Private/Dedicated Proxy and Dedicated USA IP. Now, I need to buy aged 2006/2007 gmail account or YouTube account but I believe most of those accounts are made with proxies and not UNIQUE HOME IPs. So, if I login from any other country, there is a chance...
  10. P

    proxy's or vpn's to warming up fb accounts ?

    hello all, this my first post in this category , i'am trying to warming up some fake facebook accounts to share my future blog posts that will be monitized by adsense in similar niche fb groups, and I heard that i have to use a proxy to hide my IP to avoid being blocked by facebook robots , but...
  11. CarrieCaffrey

    Instagram Account ban?

    I had face one problem last day. That is, I created a new Instagram account. But They no send any verification code or link or success SMS. But in the next minute, I was tried to login my account they told me I was banned. What is the solution?
  12. C

    New to the forum

    Hey everyone, I am a new here.
  13. M

    Need Suggestion Instagram Twitter Tumblr

    Hi friends, I need help and suggestion. I'm planning to create atleast 50 IG, twitter, tumblr account and try to manage all of them. Although i will buy followers through legit way via post interesting facts over facebook/ig twitter tumblr etc. But i'm confused how should i start and work on...
  14. lockheadsr71b

    Multiple account creation method. Questions and Suggestions.

    Hi there ! A little bit of background - I am a freelance graphic and web designer I also do some social marketing. However lately I've been encountering problems with Facebook. I create the clients website and as an added bonus I always create a Page for their business using. I create the...
  15. LandraceAgency

    VOIP Service That Work for Social Media SMS/Phone Verifications

    Greetings fellow engineers and architects, I've been lurking here for months now, and I've finally decided to pop my thread cherry! I did some searching before posting and found nothing being kept current, so my hope is to inspire a dynamic conversation around this topic. Here we go! I come to...