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Jun 22, 2013
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Hi friends,

I need help and suggestion.

I'm planning to create atleast 50 IG, twitter, tumblr account and try to manage all of them. Although i will buy followers through legit way via post interesting facts over facebook/ig twitter tumblr etc.
But i'm confused how should i start and work on all accounts.

I want to earn 1m follower till 2019.

My Ability and experience, i can run facebooks ads, adwords and bing.etc also.

But i don't know how i can manage all these account permanently without being suspend all ig twitter and tumblr. without getting blocked.

What i need to processed, should i need number of ips, phone numbers, or i can work with verified accounts.

I know very well about multilogin right now i have 2 high configuration i7 computer and 4 , i5 laptops.

Please suggest me what would you do, if you want to manage number of accounts, what type of proxy and other things you would like to use.