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Mar 7, 2018
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Hi there !

A little bit of background - I am a freelance graphic and web designer I also do some social marketing. However lately I've been encountering problems with Facebook. I create the clients website and as an added bonus I always create a Page for their business using.

I create the account for the page and then page itself which I then handover as a backup should the client lose their own account. However lately I get my accounts blocked either on the day of creation or 3 days after. So far I've tried multiple VPN services (currently NordVPN) I've also setup an AlgoVPN server on a VPS host I've made sure to disable geolocation(I'm not from the states) I've pluged WebRTC and WebGL leaks and all tests for DNS do no show a leak.

I think the problem is that while VPNs help you mask your IP, I don't see a way to precisely control the location.

I am planning to test Jarvee along with a proxy service to make sure I control the location properly however I am a noob when it comes to setting up proxies. Can you help ? Can you recommend other methods or services ?

Any help will be appreciated even though I don't actively offer FB page creation it's always a nice final surprise and really ensures the clients leaves happy and recommends me.

Thanks in advance !