accounts blocked

  1. joaogfuma

    Authentic Facebook Accounts

    Hello guys I'm trying to do a few facebook accounts to do fake reviews, so far I didn't create any good account, when I create it, in a few minutes I get flagged and account lock. So I do a phone verification with my SIMS CARD and I get another lock to upload a different profile photo to know if...
  2. lockheadsr71b

    Multiple account creation method. Questions and Suggestions.

    Hi there ! A little bit of background - I am a freelance graphic and web designer I also do some social marketing. However lately I've been encountering problems with Facebook. I create the clients website and as an added bonus I always create a Page for their business using. I create the...
  3. M

    [CAUSE?] Facebook Accounts Temporary Lock for looking like Phishing?

    I have had about 10 Facebook accounts (out of 45) from my FaceDominator campaigns just become temporarily locked due to the following error message, indicating that it was detected "as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook" (phishing). My activities have...