social marketing

  1. M

    Who has a boatload of Facebook PVA's?

    I need 100-500 FB PVAs (each need to have 100+ friends, pictures, full details) - and here's the catch! :cool: You don't even have to sell your PVAs - I just need someone who has these accounts to sign up on a particular music site as a 'Fan' via Gmail accounts and then share it as a link on...
  2. A

    Vkontakte - Russian Social Networking Site

    Fellow BHW members, Vkontakte, or Vk - as it's called now, is the largest Social Networking site in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries. I have been its member since past 4 years, and have closely noticed the changes and the opportunities. It boasts 119 Million Users, and is the...
  3. MadaDaas

    Looking For Team Members - Social Marketing Field

    Hey everyone me and my team member is on the hunt for 2 new memebers to join our team for a new social marketing business with a new offer no other marketing company is offering at the moment. you will be working alongside me and my partner. - i already have a established high end marketing...
  4. T

    How can I remove negative feedbacks on fiverr?

    Hey everyone, I got to tell you that this thread is not to tell you how to remove your negative feedbacks on Fiverr easily but to see if anyone got any ideas how that thing can happen and how to do it. I've just joined Fiverr for over a month, I sell "Social Marketing" related stuffs and at...
  5. P

    get free fans to your fanpages, with this new system : pagexn

    Get more targeted fans to your fanpage, using the new Facebook application: Pagexn Do you remember Have you heard of Now get your chance to do the same, but with your Facebook pages and not websites! Simply, Pagexn is a Facebook Application that helps...
  6. R

    Need someone to Revise ^^

    HI, I just wrote a tutorial on how to [GET] Tweet Adder and how to gain 650+ followers a day. Im only 17 and dutch so I'd like someone to revise my english grammar faults :P PM me and I will send you a downloadlink. Thanks in advance, Ramin
  7. S

    Best WordPress Theme for selling backlinks, fb fans, twitter followers, etc.?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of building a WP site to offer backlink services, fb fans, twitter followers, youtube views, etc. Does anyone know of the best WP themes for this? If I've posted this in the wrong place I apologize, I'm a Noob. Thanks in advance, I've been searching all over for this.
  8. P

    can’t promote your facebook page? here is why!_part1

    As the title indicates, most of page owners on facebook can?t promote their pages properly and can?t expand their businesses as they use ineffective or effective but not useful methods to do so. Here we will share some ways ?new or not?, which is not important, but the important thing is how...
  9. Y

    Easy Facebook Method - Make Money With Short Term Accounts

    This is so simple a monkee can do it and will give you insane traffic. Step 1 - Download Yahoo email account creator shared on here.Just search it. Step 2 - Setup Facebook accounts with your new Yahoo accounts. Step 3 - Edit your Facebook accounts with the hottest half naked girls you can...
  10. F


    I got this link in my Escape From America Magazine Newsletter today It is offering a new professional social networking site. It looks promising and thought it might be worth sharing. It's called Aaachoo. tinyurlDOTc0m/aaachoose Free to sign up and use for 21 days Finbar
  11. revit

    Twitter Email Extractor Script

    Here's a nice little php Twitter Email Extractor for everyone :) <?php $file = file_get_contents(""); $file = strip_tags($file); preg_match_all(...
  12. X

    Twitter Score - How Do You Rank? is a new website which ranks your Twitter profile based on different stats from your Twitter page. TwitterScore looks at your followers, the amount of people you?re following and the amount of updates you have to give you a rating out of ten. Another clever thing that...
  13. T

    CPA Will See Myspace Traffic???

    I'm using myspace to get traffic. I am driving traffic from my cloaked/forwarded url directly to my CPA landing page. Will the cpa be able to see that my traffic is coming from myspace doing this?
  14. S

    Information for my thesis about black hat social media marketing

    Hi everybody! Right now I'm writing my bachelor thesis in the subject area of Social Media Marketing and brand awareness. Within this topic I also want to show methods which are settled in a gray area, be it in a legal or morally range. Since there are no real field reports I would be glad if...
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