Information for my thesis about black hat social media marketing

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    Hi everybody!

    Right now I'm writing my bachelor thesis in the subject area of Social Media Marketing and brand awareness. Within this topic I also want to show methods which are settled in a gray area, be it in a legal or morally range. Since there are no real field reports I would be glad if some of you would share your experience within this topic. I have the following questions for you (you can answer them in this topic, write me a pm or email me at "smmthesis at gmail dot com":

    1. Which black hat Social Media Marketing (or Social Media Optimization) methods did you use? (for example fake communities / blogs, paid votings / blogging etc.)

    2. Where the methods for your own business or a customer of yours?

    3. If it was for a customer, was he aware that you have used these methods?

    4. Have you been successful with the black hat SMM (SMO) methods? If yes, how did the success appear?

    5. Did the black hat SMM (SMO) methods have negative impact on the business and / or its brand and products? If yes, how did it affect the business and / or its brand and products?

    6. Do you still use black hat SMM (SMO) methods or would you still use them?

    Thank you for your participation.