1. H

    Which one is better? Telegram or Skype for businesses?

    Also it seems that skype is far better than telegram. Telegram SHOWS my phone number and I HATE that. I already say no one should show my phone number but it still shows. My daughter, my partner can see the number. Skype doesn't require phone number. So it's a lot more secure and private. Am...
  2. Vuuloe

    Skype lock issues

    Hey guys, Our Business Skype is getting Locked again & again since 1 month, when we verify it with phone number it got unlock but after few hours this happend again Can anyone give me a best solution to avoid locking system? Your Suggestions are welcome :)
  3. Rollfic

    How to get a custom Skype ID now?

    So it's 2022, anyone found out how do we get custom skype ID with a name and not live:cjayf2cciayf2f2of2bf ?
  4. D

    desperate to find this program

    sorry everybody... i'm new in the forum (on this website)... i work in the weight loss program and in the trading platform cpa. I'm looking for this program that basically finds key people of different networks (from gambling to nutra, from porn to anything else)... so i can contact them i've...
  5. S

    Whatsapp, skype, telegram content read + put it in txt

    Hello! Do you have any idea how can I collect all incoming message in skype, whatsapp and telegram to a common .txt file? I wanna catch these details to a.txt file in real time: platform /date/ time / sender ID/ message Thanks!
  6. noellarkin

    Messenger of choice?

    For some reason, the instant messenger of choice for most people on this forum seems to be there a reason for that? I would have expected a forum of blackhatters to use something a lot more niche, like XMPP (a classic), Matrix or Tox (which may or may not be used quite frequently by...
  7. cybersith

    VA Needed To Make Facebook Ads (simple)

    Need a VA to make some facebook ads for me can show you examples as well takes like 15 mins to make like 10 images in canva. i will just give you the niche and you make the pics Skype: live:.cid.dbc2ea2d2319c273
  8. Digitly

    [Poll] which IM do you use and why?

    Hi, Just wanted to know which instant messenger is most popular here, among Skype, Telegram, or Discord. Which IM do you use and why? Thanks
  9. Luca Jones

    Someone registered my EMAIL ID as their SKYPE live ID? - PLEASE DONT ADD MY SKYPE

    Hello BHW! It came to my attention that unfortunately, some low-life scammer who don't really know how to earn any money online decided to go out scamming, and that is by somehow registering my email address as their Skype name ID to scam people using my services. PLEASE DO NOT ADD MY EMAIL...
  10. RichardLI

    [POLL] What is your Favorite Messenger application in 2020 ?

    Hello Guys Just as a title says -please vote for your favorite messenger ,and let us know what type of messenger is most popular now among IMers. Regards Richard Thanks
  11. EternalFun

    Skype has become ugly

    Wanted to make a new skype account and it does not even pick the email id before "@" as username now? It auto generates live:cida896ci1l23f93f3 something... How to get a readable username now in skype? Does using an old outlook email solves this? Or where can we buy good skype accounts with...
  12. MMJason

    [WTB] Skype accounts

    I am looking for skype accounts. No need to be PVA or aged. New accounts are OK. All I am looking for is skype accounts that have an actual non-spammy lookign SKYPE ID. hit me up.
  13. MMJason

    Creating skype accounts and having weird skype ID (cid.blah)

    I am creating a few skype accounts and all of them have some weird skype ID. It's not a nickname or an email, it's just like this: id:cid.89b342b3bc some wierd long hash. Why is that? How can I get a normal looking skype ID?
  14. S

    Can anyone help? WhatsApp this year

    Hello can anyone help me? I need a free way of generating bulk WhatsApp accounts, if you know how, And are willing to help, Leave. Your message below. With Skyp name
  15. KJREDDY247@

    Unable to type anything in Alexa, Edge and Skype Search Fields

    Hi, I am using windows 10 PC. Recently i did some changes in my registry files or something when some issues occurred in my pc, i don't even remember what changes i did. I did as per some random online guide. But after that My search fields typing feature is not working seems like its disabled...
  16. jingsaw

    Skype autoresponder

    Hello, does anyone know a good autoresponder for Skype? Somehow I find nothing clever in the net. Thanks for helping
  17. speedie

    Possible to Change My Skype ID Here in BlackHatWorld?

    Hey there, Someone please help me. I find it very difficult to change my Skype ID in my profile here in BlackHatWorld. The thing is, I need to change it to the one that reflects my business. @BassTrackerBoats I think you may want to help me out [if this is possible].
  18. D

    Windows 7 Users: Is SKYPE classic working on windows 7?

    To all Windows 7 users: are you able to use skype classic/version 7 on it? I have heard that skype classic only works on Windows 7 and that too for some users. Plz confirm
  19. D

    Microsoft SKYPE WORST EVER

    I was using the older/classic version of skype since years as there latest version really sucks and don't have the feature to organize contacts in lists-such a basic feature but these retards completely omitted it with their latest version. Today they forcefully logged me out and asked to...
  20. Ezzocard

    What the best tool to send message to all Skype contacts?

    I have quite a big base of contacts in Skype. I need to send them news sometimes. Is there any convenient tool to do this?
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