serp boosting

  1. D

    Casino redirecting domains not showing data in SERP.

    Hi, As the gambling or casino websites are redirecting every 2-3 or 8 days and when we search that for domain in the domain is not showing proper SERP in the results. So, how fast i can show the domain related data in SERP? and How?
  2. R

    Google doesn't want to rank my sites

    Hey guys, 3-4 months ago I made several one-page sites. I put the into GSC and put them into the indexer. Google had indexed them, but didn't rank them at all. And them haven't ranked yet! I tried to add supporting pages and put internal links from them, tried make backlinks, rewrote content...
  3. S

    some of my keywords stopped ranking suddenly

    Some of my keywords are stopped ranking in SERP,s for a few days. Can anyone explain what to do to get those keywords back on SERP,s ranking
  4. GNews

    How To Rank A New Site Fast in Google Search for Dummies | Clean SEO | SERP Tips from a 20 Year News Blog Professional | Cliff Notes Version

    So, lets talk about a way I defeated the 'odds' People once told me I couldn't rank an EMD (exact match domain) for its trending keyword within 2 weeks. At this time, I was a part of a forum of Professionals and opened a case study, to keep my notes clear and focus. Why was I logging this...
  5. Shinichi Izumi

    BLESSED TRAFFIC - Boost Your SERP CTR & Alexa Rank With a Smart Traffic Exchange Solution

  6. mohitfarswan

    Need help and suggestions from SEO specialists

    Hi, hope you are doing good . I am purchasing a complete wordpress blog of Health and lifestyle today from a senior member of BHW. It has few articles as well. So now I want to earn from that blog but i know that its not easy without doing seo. So i have a few questions regarding that. Please...
  7. HenryObi

    Should I Redirect This Ranking Old Domain?

    I'm about buying a site that's in my niche and with a perfect country targeted domain... but am confused as to what to do with it... We've already agreed price, couldn't complete transactions today due to personal reasons. Below are a few details of the domain -DA/PA 18/21 -UR/DR very low...
  8. vimal85

    How to get ranked in Bing SERP in 2019?

    Hi Black Hatters, I have a website which is revamped last month with newer content and newer URLs. I have got Impression in most of my target keywords but i don't see the same set of search queries in Bing Webmasters. Suggestion needed : 1. how to optimize for Bing Search engine. 2. How to...
  9. BringBacklink

    High DA/PA Do Follow Blog Comment Backlinks all approved and live with Url sources.

    Skype: bringbacklink Email: [email protected]
  10. GentleBeast

    Greetings My Friends... Need help achieving a goal...

    Greeting mates, Super Newb here but not a newbie to the site. I have spent countless hours on this forum recently simply trying to navigate and learn the vernacular. Here's my short story: A few months ago I was let go unexpectedly let go from Network Admin position at a Fortune 500...
  11. Latlon Tech

    Struck in 2nd page..

    We ( have got good improvement in SERP result for many keywords. But still, we have struck in the 2nd page of the SERP. Can anyone suggest where we have missed?
  12. I

    Sending real human traffic to $$Site to increase Google SERP rank

    Has anybody had success with using micro job type sites (MTurk, Microworkers, etc... ) to send cheap human traffic to your website thru google (people clicking on your site via the SERP seems to increase...
  13. kabe

    Content,Traffic and Search Results Go Hand in Hand

    Hey People, Here are some thoughts of mine I compiled together for an Effective Content Writing. I see people here who do real deal SEO but end up settling down for an average content and then complain on no boost in SERP or can't pass their competitors! Hope this thread helps you pen down...
  14. berkay1907

    Ultimate Blog Network Sidewide High Pr - DA/PA Links ONLY $19.99/Month

    Hello Everyone, I didn't make a fancy sales page this time because this service doesn't need it. This is ULTIMATE BLOG NETWORK with 10 Sites They are all real websites with real content already indexed by Google. They have good DA/PA (10-30). ---- Important ---- They are not from SAPE or...
  15. newon

    Are Social Signals from Fiverr Safe?

    Found some gigs on fiverr offering social signals like 3K FB shares or 1K FB+100 G+ 100 twt. Even I found one new gig offering 10K FB shares! Are these safe? Do they help in SERP? I also noted that they do not offer drip feed. Will getting so many signals at once harm my site?
  16. M

    Am stuck in 3rd page of Google, help me

    Hi, I've a less competitive (about 2k search volumes) keyword stuck on 3rd page position 31-32 for a month, I've did a link pyramid, high PR blog comments, social bookmarking. Reg my competitors, 1st position is Yahoo answers, 2,3,4th position is YouTube video and rest of them are similar...
  17. Submission Zone

    Submit your URL , Keywords & See SERP Movements in 7 to 12 Days - The NLB UNICORN

    Just a min Before Scrolling Down !!! Go ahead if you really need Positive SERP Movements with Natural Links See the SERP Movements within 7 to 12 Days (90% Success Rate) Not after completing the Work, You can count the Days after Placing the Order - Latest Results & Reviews - SECOND...
  18. CPAKing11

    Give NITRO Boost to Your SERPs with Our Exclusive Rank Boosting Service- SERPRACE

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/05/2013 ---- Offering 3 Review Copies of Package 2 @ $20 discount to members with 100+ posts. 2 Review copies @ $25 Discount of Package 3 to JR.VIP and above. FAQ: 1.) Which software will you be using? >> We will be using only scrapebox for building tier...
  19. E

    SEO Help - Can't move from page 1 to 2

    Sorry I'm a newby on SEO but I have been learning a lot in the past year, I have hire a couple of companies that have done nothing more that just take my money and no results, I Have been working in our company website (furniture sales related) and already have several words stuck in second and...
  20. goodseoman

    Your FREE SERPs boosting - My bot improvement!

    Few months ago, i made a link wheel-link pyramid bot and asked for beta testers. Thanks for lots of constructive feedbacks from members here, i made a huge improvement to bot. It now can produce unique and readable article (>60% - this can be set up), optimize all articles with needed...
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