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  1. jiya raichand

    E-commerce Website Form Filling dipped

    Hi all, For my site avg position same, in fact clicks, impressions and CTR not much difference. Even i checked the analytics and Organic traffic fine but don't know why form filling dipped like anything. Every day there was 6 to 8 goals either through chat or form filling but after SEPT 14...
  2. sirisharma

    Someone Help me with SEO Checklist

    Hi all, I have started a business along with a new website and my website is not even indexed yet. I studied all about SEO and DM online but practically I don't have any experience. I don't know how to start with all SEO process so can someone list out the checklist or a weblink which helps me...
  3. T

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Local SEO Bulk Sitemap creation.

    Hi guys, does anyone use a tool to bulk create Sitemaps? I want to create bulk Sitemap for a construction company. Here is an example of what I mean: I want to create a static .html version of the services page and add every city in California for the / link. It would...
  4. Nityen Prakash

    Does working on 10+ Keywords helps in Fast SEO Ranking?

    Hello Every one, I want to know working on 10+ keywords helps in Fast SEO ranking., and what are the tips.
  5. J

    Hello friends, Happy to join blackhatworld.

    Hi, there I am an SEO executive. I have a 2 years experience in this field. happy to help as much as I Can and finding my solution as well from you guys. Thanks, jaydip
  6. minorityre

    I see a lot of "Big agencies" with literally duplicated content in local seo and they rank...

    If I search "SEO agency in X" the first result is a local landing page of some seo agency. If I search the same with a different city KW, the same agency with the local page appears in the 1st place again. Same content different city names. How is that possible. Now I spy on every city by...
  7. BloggerTonmoy

    Help Me To Monetize My Targeted Leads

    Hello BHW Family, Hope everyone is safe. I have a Dog Site and I used to rank somehow few good keywords and I'm getting now Daily 5 Leads who are ready pay me for the Dog/Puppies those I have on my site. But I really just don't know how to monetize these leads . I'm attaching the leads...
  8. md somrat

    SEO with Link-building and answer posting

    If you wanted to rank your website or if you are interested to do an SEO then you need to know that, answer posting is one of the ways of SEO. when you posting answer any answer posting site then you will get more traffic and you will get more backlink. which is more helpful to you for rank your...
  9. See Gre

    What SEO is all about...

    SEO is all about _____________ Fill this blank with Max 3 words. What do you think SEO is all about.
  10. F

    [Question] Fake Listings / Whitepages, Spokeo, 411, et.

    Any way to add fake personal listings to these directories? example: Jacob Daniel Smith 4532 Decatur St Denver, CO 80211 303-782-1199
  11. LatestPhoneZone

    I'm yet to receive my Google my Business pin

    Hello guys! I need a suggestion on what to do next. I applied for Google My Business for the past 2 months and was told that my verification pin will reach my address within 14 days. This is the second month and I'm yet to get the pin. What do you guys suggest I do?
  12. D

    Google adwords affect you and your buisness

    How changes in Adwords interface?
  13. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Step by Step Guide to Local SEO

    Hope this helps :)
  14. M

    Ecommerce SEO

    Hi guys! I am quite in the SEO industry for a year. But it's the first time I have to encounter an E-commerce Website. I am really happy to be in BHW as I found very interesting content here. SO anyone who can guide me towards the e-commerce SEO strategy so I can rank it well. Thanks
  15. I

    Hey from Lisbon, Portugal

    Finally in Black Hat World :)
  16. Bajanman

    Looking for CANADIAN PPC/SEO Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're looking for a HIGHLY SKILLED PPC/SEO Specialist for a particularly interesting (tough) campaign. MUST BE CANADIAN or AMERICAN. The reason we need someone from this particular part of the world is because of the cultural nature of this campaign and they must have an understanding of the...
  17. faisal wahab


    BHW SEO on fire
  18. seoabmgeek

    How to increase CTR of website.

    Hi, All . Could you help me please .How can I increase CTR of website.
  19. imonboss

    [Project Local SEO] My journey to ranking the website and rent or sell the lead

    Hi Blackhatians, I have been here for a very long time but I don't have an active presence on the forum. I have been a leecher and engulfing all the yummy posts throughout. You people are awesome and your success have motivated me starting my own Journey. Here is the screenshort of my kws: 1...
  20. C


    Need Help with my seo. Contac me please