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  1. G

    In my experience, these are some of the KEY SEO steps to getting on the first page of Google!

    Hello Black Hat World, I am new here, but not to building websites. I am very happy I found this corner of the web - I feel I could be a home here. I built my first site at 10 yrs old (1999), and I build sites and help with SEO for myself and others. Here are a few of the best SEO tips I give...
  2. kingvegeta

    AMA on PBNs - I'll Answer all your Queries related to PBNs and Ranking your site using it

    Ask Me Anything Related to PBN and I'll answer all of them Many users still don't know about PBN and I am here to help them all I am here to remove all misconceptions about PBNs spread in SEO Industry. I am doing blogging since 2012 and providing SEO and PBN Services for the past 7 years, so...
  3. Hunter Carlisle

    Client Link Building

    How do you start building links for your clients? Do you outsource to someone? Should I start building PBNs or focus on other links first? Having some issues with my local competitors having massive half-decent links and I'm still trying to build better quality but it takes a lot longer. Should...
  4. H

    Need Expert Advice for On-Page SEO

    Hi SEO experts. Looking for Expert Advice for ON-Page. Our current site is ranking for a good amount of keywords, but we rank for a lot of keywords for the same page. We want to start creating keyword-specific articles with URLs, meta titles and descriptions dedicated to on focus keyword...
  5. krajacic

    [SEO Advice Needed] Would you disavow such domains and urls?

    Hey guys, Question for SEO experts, I'm working on disavowing bad backlinks. I've filter NEW backlinks in the last 90 days and sort them by links in aHrefs and I'm seeing a lot of domains and links like those:
  6. kumarhitesh059

    Need help for my website

    I'm blogging since 2014 and didn't able to earn a single penny. I tried so many things and yet no success. Can anyone plz analyse my website and tell what am I doing wrong.
  7. K

    My CPA journey and were to go next!?

    Hello everyone, i have been doing CPA for around 6 months now and ive made 25k before my all the YT channels i owned in the good CPA niches on youtube got terminated which is bound to happen if your doing cpa on youtube. with this ive been completely stripped from my earnings and im building...
  8. A

    {Urgent Help} Facing issue after 301 redirection

    Hi, I have moved my old site to new domain via 301 redirection method on 6th January 2020. The Redirection was successful and new domain is also indexed on google but I am facing some strange issue. Actually what is happening that my many URLs are missing from google for most of the good...
  9. peachseo

    {SEO PACKAGES}$*Rank Your Websites With Katy Perry Google Ranker*$*Discount Available**

  10. D

    Need a SEO VA

    Hi I am looking for someone who is advanced in SEO and has helped grow blogs before. I have a travel blog that needs more views. Send me a DM with examples of work you have done and any testimonials.
  11. peachseo

    Google Chrome SEO Extensions

    if you are doing seo then you should must install these extension to improve your website traffic or if you are using any other extension post on this thread. Here are Extensions SEO Quake: Check my Links: Bulk URL Opener Extension...
  12. D

    Need SEO VA

    Hi I am a travel blogger and have my own travel blog that has been running for about 2 and a bit years now. I am from the UK and my travel blog is about places I been around the world and travel tips etc. my DA is 31 but only getting 3 to 7k views a month I want more views and my content...
  13. D

    I want to increase my organic traffic, I could use little help

    Hello there, I am working on my website to increase its organic traffic. It is always fluctuating by big margins. Some days it's around 1200 and other days it goes up to 2000 while the ranking remains stable and sometimes goes up. This kind of fluctuation is very constant over the months. Is...
  14. Hamza Hashim

    How can I rank a keyword with high competition?

    I'm working on a website doing its SEO from two months. The competitors of this website is mostly government websites and edu websites. I have worked a lot but cannot get any result so I need help if anyone can. Thanks in advance.
  15. alishakapoor

    [Need Help] Getting lot of impressions but No Clicks

    Hello Folks, Its been 6 months since the website is live & because of constant updates from google website is yet to get any credible traffic. Though I see a lot of impressions coming, but no clicks. What can be the possible reasons? Your help is appreciated
  16. A

    Looking for an SEO Consultant

    Hello, I posted something similar earlier, but I can't find it. So, I'm trying again. I am looking for someone that can help me bring more traffic to my site. Btw, it is an adult site. Joe
  17. D

    Need SEO Link Backing Help?

    I have a travel blog that I have had for 3 years and only getting around 30 views from SEO a day. I need help with what was I can do to get more backlinks to my keywords so that my blog posts can get more views and so can my site. is there any other ways than just doing guest posting. I...
  18. D

    Need SEO advice

    I run my own travel blog on wordWordP and it has been up for about 3 years. I can only seem to get about 50 views a day From SEO and I need some advice on what I am doing is write. Also how do I get high quality backlinks to my keywords and is domain authority score important and if so how do...
  19. C

    How To Make $10k+/month | Working From Home | Doing Easy SEO

    WELCOME Let me be the first to say I am so excited to do yet, another guide. This is my personal experience and was one of the methods that got me out of living in a 5th wheel camper with my girlfriend, to buying a $250k home. I am so happy to share this with everyone here and if any of this...
  20. F

    Targeting kw in spanish in US google search

    Can anyone help me out? Is thr proper setting to get .com domain but all content in spanish? What about backlinking? Should I target .com sites in eng but try to post there with articles in spanish? What would you do?
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