seo advise

  1. nifras

    (confuse)different tools different result

    Hello, guys I really confuse about the organic keywords result. really I don't know how you manage to choose the right keyword and rank. I use get the report of my organic keywords. 1- kwfinder 2 - Ahref 3- semrush 4- moz The reports have different volume and KD for the same keywords. some...
  2. nifras

    any market thread for seo consultent service

    Hi Guys, if you know the thread for SEO consultant service please let me know thanks.
  3. subnetweb

    I'm SEO Expert and IM-Ask Me Anything You Are Interested For

    I will try when I will have time to spend some time to respond on given questions. This is my contribution to the community from which I've learn a lot and got very stable income for my living. Note: Answers are my own opinions and they are given and rely on more than 20 years experience in this...
  4. A

    Please advice, how to get e-commerce products to the first page

    Hey guys, I have products from my e-commerce site on the page 3 and 4 of G for the keywords that I choose. What can I do to get them to the first page? I'been told that I should get editorial backlink and web 2.0 articles pointing to my products. Can I buy 30 PR9 backlinks to all my product...
  5. A

    Please some advice. HOW CAN I RANK MY PRODUCT PAGES

    I'm new with SEO. I was able to rank some of my product pages to the page 3 and 4 of google just with full optimization of my product pages. Can anyone please let me know what do you do to rank your products(inner pages) to the first page I really would appreciate your advice Thanks
  6. C

    Seo help wanted

    Hi BHW, Im not sure if i am asking this questions in right section but here i go. Im currenty making few xxx$ a month trough youtube and other tactics and recently i decided to get in to SEO. So i was learning it for a week and i think im ready to start my first SEO campaign. Ive found a...
  7. alterego888

    Is this a good or fair seo deal?

    This is from a USA Los Angeles, CA based provider who uses only white hat methods. Is this a fair deal that will help site rankings? Date: 11/13/2014 ‐ Proposal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1 Project description We recommend our Bronze Package for $299 per month for at least 3...
  8. incrediable

    Important Key Points to Consider for SEO

    Nowadays, it is very hard to rank websites, because search engines, especially Google change its algorithm very frequently. Better think to make a real website, not just for ranking and making money. If your website is useful for visitors ,you just need to spend some little money on social...
  9. Maria526

    What is the benefit of using hash tag in facebook

    What is the benefit of using hash tag in facebook and how to use it? I only heard about it but not know about it.please suggest me.
  10. B

    Seo and Blogspot backlinking

    Hey BHW, I really need help with this because I'm well confused as of now, and sorry if this has been asked already. I Just don't know what this subject would be under. Anyway I created blogger sites when I was in Philippines and only now decided to rank them with SEO back here in the UK. When...
  11. groundfalling

    Wordpress site Domain name change Impact on SEO

    Hi Guys, I have this wordpress site, whose some of the posts are ranked in top ten for few keywords which are the only source of organic traffic to my site. Now i need to change the domain name from to While seraching for least impact on SEO for domain name change i came...
  12. D

    SEO on Targeted market in Switzrland

    I need SEO help with my online fragrance store in a new targeted market for fragrance(perfumes). I have done everything and can't get a hold of the USA market and did some research and Now need to target the English/french and the German customers in Switzerland .....I need help!!! I can do. I...
  13. T

    Suggest me !! Trekking Site

    Hello, Right now we're developing website for Trekking accessories. Finally launch our site past week. But little bit confuse about promotion. We've near by 100 - 200 products. How to promote my target audience? How to increase sales too? If you've any ideas kindly suggest me.
  14. E

    Ranking new website

    Hi, I have found a great keyword, this keyword has about 5,500 searches each month and the competition is normal. The keyword that I am targeting is also in my domain name. Is it possible to get on the first page for this keyword, considering the amount of results (more than...
  15. nabeelshams

    Doing SEO for my first site myself. Here goes my plan.

    Hello. I created a website that is video based and doesnt have much written content in it. I started using GSA SER to rank it. My SEO plan is as follows: Tier 1: Domain PR 4+ Platforms: Wikis, article directories and web 2.0s Will also get some social signals directly pointing to main site...
  16. R

    Adwords for my website.

    Hi I'm not an expert. I'm looking for someone who can help with my website generate more traffic/Adwords etc. We currently deal with payday loans in the UK. Let me me know what you can do to help. Regards
  17. S

    whats the guarantee that seo optimised sites will be ranked amongst the top??

    Websites optimized by moment of inception appears way behind in the webresults ..
  18. N

    Teenagers related website SEO wanted ! Im looking for some SEO guy.

    I'm looking for some SEO guys who would be able to improve my website ranking and I haven't done any SEO on my site before. i also need help with keywords. Niche- Health, Fitness, and DietBeauty, Hair, Fashion Entertainment, Celebrities, TV & Recaps, Movies, Music **Please pm me or reply me...
  19. pulkitseo

    Is there anything apart from submissions and content in SEO?

    Is there anything apart from submissions and content(blog, article ) that SEO can do to promote his site something innovative ?
  20. S

    how to do smf forum seo ?

    hi all ...i am really needful ...i know little about seo in a static website but i am running a forum & it is based on smf i want to know how can i do for that ? what should i need to improve ..plz suggest ..thanks in advance.. website :
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