1. JohnKowalski

    How to recover Bitcoins without seed phrases?

    Hey guys and gals, Friend of mine is working in electronic waste, he disassembles the hard drives from garbage computers and searches for BTC and other crypto wallets. He has managed to recover some BTC wallets, but the problem is how to access bitcoins without knowing the seed phrases. Any...
  2. bragia

    Website Speed problems

    Hello all First of all sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker I am experiencing some problems with the server response that a site of mine is providing, I made a test in bytecheck and the time to get the first bity is too high I also checked with Google...
  3. ShivaHaze

    [Torrent] Faking Seeders/Peers on Public Trackers

    What's up guys! I was wondering if there are still some known & working methods on how to fake Seeders/Peers on Public Trackers like The Pirate Bay. :-) I'm searching for several hours already but sadly I don't seem to be finding anything useful. I know it still works since there are tons of...
  4. D

    Need a charter email address

    I need a dedicated Charter email address for seed test purposes. PM me your fee Thanks
  5. E

    Seed Money

    Hey everyone I am new to making money online. I want to start buying wholesale and selling on ebay or amazon. I only have $5 paypal so I was wondering if there was a quick way to earn money on a website. If anyone knows of something please let me know. Thanks, Eli
  6. A

    I need a email address for seed tests

    looking for a seed account, anyone able to help?
  7. U

    uTorrent Preferences Updater

    Hey :) I've noticed that a few people are having trouble with downloading, e.g. their download speeds are extremely low or something similar. I've also had this problem so I created a program to try and "fix" this issue, although it's not a fix it really does help. It basically installs some of...
  8. cool.dude123

    TPB help

    hi, I am located in the UK so cannot upload my torrent to TPB and when I use a VPN my account gets banned. could someone do me a favor and upload it for me? I return I can seed some of your torrents. PM me if you are interested. thanks, PS. I know it might be a lot to ask for some people...
  9. theD2

    How To Give Seed In Utorrent/Bittorrent????

    i read all topics about share cash/torrent/T P B/click bank/c p a/r a r/password... but still dont know how to Give Seed to Torrent File in U torrent/Bit torrent... Please Help !!!!!!!!!!:help:
  10. beefsupreme

    The Seed Ring

    I'm currently creating my own eBook product and concidering additional ways of marketing it, other than AdWords and Clickbank, without being too annoying (spam) and actually giving some value to people out there. So I was thinking of creating a light version of the eBook, which would contain...
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