1. Panther28

    My YouTube Channel Got HACKED and How I Got It BACK

    Good video if you want to make sure you get your accounts back easily worst case scenario. Write those codes down somewhere.
  2. Xtreme19

    Help! Google has put "This site may harm your computer." warning on my site.

    Hi, My site was ranked second for its keyword for 2 days but now google has attached "This site may harm your computer." with my site. All my traffic is gone but the ranking still stands. I have submit a review as my site had no suspicious download or anything as i have scanned my site on...
  3. james_bond_007

    Protect my wordpress blog

    I've read a ton of articles on how to make my Wordpress website impenetrable to hackers. -Always update themes and plugins -Use strong passwords -Never install nulled themes and plugins -Use Wordfence -Create daily back-ups -Change the WordPress login page URL Did I miss something? What can...
  4. nexonhost

    Hi, new here

    Hi, Im Ovi, passionate about security, ddos protection, and hosting. Started a business in 2012 and did not feel like working ever since. Im happy when i see i can help someone else with their problem. This brings me more joy than anything else. Hope i can help you more than you can help me :)
  5. Nw_Work

    Any server side coding expert with knowledge on websites here?

    In sticky situation with this code which has been installed when a hacker managed to get in and wordfence and other tradional security plugins was unable to pinpoint source, now 2FA for login is setup and all users were forced logged out but still that code running in background thought cleaned...
  6. R

    How to properly secure WHM and VPS

    First time VPS user here, using DO with cpanel. I saw some plugins like immunify+ but those are paid. Is the paid version necessary? What are some other ways to secure WHM and the VPS from hackers? Already disabled shell access and enabled shell fork bomb protection in WHM. Should I block the...
  7. PlusMein

    How You Secure Your Website From Bots, Proxy and VPN Traffic?

    Hello, One of our SaaS businesses that have restricted countries where we are not interested in work, or we see that from those countries we have a massive amount of spam or fraud, scam activity. We use Cloudflare premium, but it will not help us to secure the website from some bots, proxies...
  8. Hex_case

    Let's talk Cybersecurity

    I recently saw a post about someone here on BWH who got their website hacked and since I have experience in, and I am currently studying for certifications in Cybersecurity, I thought it would be nice to share what I know. The basics: - Do regular backups and have a plan in case shit hits the...
  9. C

    I change everything but again Instagram knows it's me !!!!

    Hi guys, I change my device, my public dynamic IP address, account, username, password, email, browser, app, cookies and everything and again Instagram knows it's me, and my question was do you know that can IG spot public dynamic IPs are coming from the same person or they know me another way...
  10. Epicster

    Brute force, DDOS attacks - How do you prevent such kind of stuff?

    Hi there, So here's the case. The site is receiving constant DDOS and brute force attacks which I have done my best to mitigate, but till not been able to get properly rid of it. So far, I have - Blocking XMLRPC through CloudFlare. - Blocking Origin Access except for Cloudflare - Blocking...
  11. Panther28

    [Guide] Stay Anon with Firefox Using Single or Residential Proxies - For Social Media, Forums & Web 2.0's

    This gon be a hella short guide, lol The first step, download firefox obviously. Then install the following extensions: This should ensure you stay bulletproof. Just use the smart proxy extension if you have single private proxies. If you have residential, then just change in your network...
  12. inkbotdesign

    Gmail spoofed? Sent emails I obviously didn't send.

    Has anyone come across this? I checked my email yesterday and there was one received, all nonsense gibberish, no link was clicked, I deleted it. Then I got another. I checked my 'sent' emails and apparently I had sent ones (which I didn't) - I changed my password and double-checked security -...
  13. L

    my wordpress website got hacked need help

    my website got hacked i think header working fine , footer working fine all other pages working fine only home page not visible all content not showing but when i update home page it shows for few seconds then again all content gone in inspect element also all content showing how to...
  14. mybank

    what is the best anti detect browser for my purpose?

    hey I am trying create and use paypal,eBay,google voice... accounts (in general any website that have a high security level). I have a dedicated residential proxy, and I need an anti detect browser, what browser is the best for my purpose to avoid get a banned or a limited account?
  15. mybank

    is just proxy enough to stay anonymous enough?

    hello bhw i want to start my new business with new and fake identity. a few days ago i was talking to my proxy provider and my proxy provider said: you need more than just a dedicated residential proxy to be able manage and use the accounts that you made with fake identity in websites like...
  16. m4virus


    - 2 questions and to many answers , writ them your opinion down and let's discuss them . what is the best method to encrypt your laptop ( which os , tools , method )? what is the best security setup to surfe internet and what do you think about penta vpn ! ( vpn through vps 5 time then to ur...
  17. Sandie2018

    Wordfence blocked a potential hacker to my site

    Hi, Today I got a message from Wordfence and I am shocked because it has never happened to me before. The message said: A user with IP addr has been locked out from signing in or using the password recovery form for the following reason: Exceeded the maximum number of login...
  18. D

    ▶️ THE ART OF BECOMING AN ONLINE GHOST: Hide Your Activity ☑️ Regain Your Privacy ☑️ Improve Your Security ☑️ Instant Download ☑️

    Comment "Privacy" and i will send you an exclusive discount code! Reviews:
  19. Negi Ji

    Please help me!

    Hey guys, I am getting this activity log in my Cloudflare account, Below is the screenshot Can I know is this any thread like someone from the USA trying to enter in my website? Also, Today I got the unauthorized access in my email from the USA with this "Authorized Application...
  20. BeDoo2000

    Proxy VS RDP

    Is it better to use a residential proxy or RDP with residential proxy? In case i want to reach content available in the US.
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