1. A

    Adult site problem - SEO - Search engines google

    Hi! In May, I created an adult site with built-in players to play third party videos. I added unique content and a sitemap, optimized SEO, use rank seo math and within two days I posted several thousand posts with 18+ videos to the site. I asked the google search engine for indexing and at the...
  2. Marketsolutions

    Can "Searches related to" be manipulated?

    I'm witnessing a specific case involving a moderate volume but low competition keyword that is showing signs of manipulation in the "searches related to" list on the bottom of the SERP. For example, more than one of the "searches related to" terms have zero topical relevance to the query but...
  3. S

    Tool in Analysing serps

    Hi, Is there any tool that can help find total number of search results for keywords in bulk. I have 1000 + keywords that I need to find total number of search results (sites appearing in search results) (Not search volume) Any help will be appreciated.
  4. L


    Hello can some one please tell me which one is the best proxy checker please which gives the best result now i can scrap thousands of proxies but only only few are ok all others are dead so i want to check proxies first
  5. L

    I need Proxies

    Hello i need daily 100 to 300 free working proxies french germany spanish is there any free website from where i can get this if not can any one suggest me a payed one good website Thanks
  6. b6ainy

    How Stupid is to Target Traffic Not CPC

    Hi everyone I went and target keywords that has alot of Searches as i thought, traffic mean money. But latter when i tried to comparison with other sites which have CPC 1+ or more, i saw that i am targeting Cents. My CPC is 0.04 and less I see people here dream of 100 clicks and iam thinking...
  7. PersiaGrai

    Buying....iTunes Searches?

    Hey guys, Is there anyway to buy searches? just searches, not downloads. If not.... I'm looking for someone who can perform high volume (100k+) SEARCHES in iTunes for a specific key word. Different IP addresses of course. High quality. It's for an experiment, i want to see if we can get...
  8. chaabanov

    Is this keyword going viral?

    All the monthly searches up until March have averaged around 200 MS. In April, MS jumped to 1500, and in May, MS jumped to 4400. Should I go for it? edit: competition is low.
  9. E

    Is it worth to rank for 200 searches with $8 cpc

    I know people who write articles usually go for a minimum of 500 searches for a keyword. But what if I can find keywords with only 200 searches a month but with as high as $8 cpc that are easy to rank for. Is it worth my time?
  10. A

    Local search results

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if it's possible to use a tool like adwords keywords tool to know something about local searches. I know that there is an option for local searches, but it shows results for a country and language, is there something more specific, like the searches made in a certain city...
  11. Driezzie

    How many montly searches adviced for YT video keywords ?

    Hi, I'm manually picking out related videos to my channel via Creative Commons licensed videos. (maybe someone can advise me a better/faster strategy ?) Next I'm trying to optimize them for maximum exposure. When using the Youtube keyword tool and the Adwords keyword tool how many montly...
  12. anagfan

    Keyword Suggestor with Competors and Searches ratio for each keyword

    Hello Frds... I'm on my way to create new blogger blog. I really find difficult to find a keyword suggestor.. What I need is .. When I enter a keyword or Phrase.... it should show up a list where for each keyword shown up in list there should be 1) Searches for keyword 2) Competition...
  13. victoriavain

    How much traffic comes from a twitter search?

    I'm curious about Twitter. Do they have enough traffic in their searches to micro blog for traffic? What is the purpose of the micro blog for black hatters? To come up on the twitter search engine or for the people following you to see your blogs? Maybe it is neither.. maybe the purpose of...
  14. T

    750,000 searches

    I have searched the forums, this and others, is there a correlation to time and backlinks to dominate a number of searches ie. 6 months 3000 backlinks to page 1? I know it's not exact off course. Also is there an amount it's not worth fighting against? I know blackhat methods can target...
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