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  1. Sam1s

    Website not appear in google search engine

    My website not appear in google search engine. Even after using site: It was crawled and indexed well. No manual action done I've checked it.
  2. Jerk55

    How to get rid of infinite scrolling on both desktop and mobile

    If you dislike infinite scrolling or if you're one that likes to check their rankings manually to see what page of the search results your site is placed, follow these instructions: Add "&start=10" to the end of the URL of the search results page. This will force Google to display the results...
  3. HenryObi

    These Keywords Are Ranking Already(Stats Included), How Can You Improve Them?

    Was going through the my site's performance on the Search console. Apparently am stuck at these positions, if you were in my shoes what would be your next action to improve them? The screenshots are for both web and image search, my site is image intensive site, and apparently I get lots of...
  4. djw1606

    Meet BERT - Google's new Search Ranking Machine

    Article on Buzzfeed:
  5. C

    Why Google index different title when search different keywords?

    I change my title recently to make it be more user-friendly for Google search, but I find one problem for that: When search keyword A, it shows the whole title that I changed; search keyword B, it shows the site name - like this:, it shows a b c as title in search results. The keyword...
  6. LLboss

    Can't find my videos in Youtube search results

    Hi guys, I have this weird problem that I can't find my videos in youtube's search results no matter what I do, either upload from a different channel (tried old channels, fresh channels), make a solid on-page, try different tags, nothing worked. I'm not talking about finding videos in normal...
  7. market88

    How do I track my SEO results?

    Specifically, what I want to know is based on this scenario... When I do searches from my phone or laptop for my website, it usually pops up on the first page. I am not sure if this is because the search engine automatically detects that it is a relevant website to me because I own it. How do...
  8. F

    Push or remove "Google news" search results?

    I want to remove or push down a negative Google news result. It comes on 3rd position when i search for my company on "Google News"... Suggest me some good tips for that?
  9. theseocount

    How to get most accurate country specific SERPs ?!

    Hi everyone! Recently I have been wondering what is the best way to get the most accurate country-specific SERP results. Let's say that I want to to get UK results for "dark chocolate" I have 2 ways to do this. 1. - On the homepage it says : "BUILD GOOGLE SEARCHES IN ANY...
  10. K

    Types of google results. How to analyze it propertly?

    Hello, I'm just thinking about one thing. I live in small country, where google results about for ex. phones are loaded with only very big shops or brands on first 2 pages. I don't see any review article in the top 15. When I will take the same keyword but for let's say USA, then I see first...
  11. jerrymc

    What Type of Search Result is This?

    Hello mates! Just need help with something. I'm kind of forgetful and I forgot the name of the one attached. What type of Google search result is that and how can I achieve that for someone else's blog? Thanks!
  12. LX911

    Need Help my site got hit by Negative SEO!

    Hi, so here's the scenario. I have a blog called -- with around 10 posts. 1 particular post was ranking pretty much in the 1st page around #3 - #5 spot. One of my competitors spammed the hell out of the post that was ranking. As a result that page is now sticking up at #16 -...
  13. I

    Noob with question about GMS and total searches!!

    So Here's my question for you guys. I wrote a big article (about 2000 words) focused on a KW with 390 GMS and 500k total search results. I dont want to give away the KW but it's ' _____ stretches ___ ____' So i finished the article and its looks great. 4 days later it is ranking on the 3rd...
  14. K

    Keyword Research: Low Search Volume Keywords

    Hi guys, I'm currently generating keywords for a newly launched website that provides services for a particular country. So including this location name in the main keywords is preferable for us. However when I insert the location name in the main keywords the search results on Google Keyword...
  15. C

    Signs that a site is about to rank

    I started my first niche site at the end of June ('14) and am anxious to see it start to rank. I did my homework and did careful keyword research with Long Tail Pro and am pretty sure I have a winner. I read an article that says last year it took maybe 2 months to start ranking these types of...
  16. makemecash

    The Era of Xploit Has Begun...

    By default, all search results are shown based upon personal results when you are logged in... Meaning "G" drops a cookie and monitors your search history since the creation of your "G" account. So if you do a search for "" for example, it will affect your search engine...
  17. M

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business google search FAST!!! Please HELP!

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business on google search FAST!!! Please HELP! Remove bad links from my business' top search results. Any ideas or tools to use people??? Looking for any help we can get. THANKS!!! Please send information of tools or ideas.
  18. dvishnu

    Cool Method to Filter out HUGE NO. Of backlinks

    Hello, Here you can filter out the posts at google itself to find cool things. Search " inurl:blog Keyword-"Comments Closed"-"You must be logged in" "Post your comments" " at google and you will get cool results to post your comment.. Just thought of sharing something...
  19. mindseye

    Custom BHW search box in FireFox.

    You can use this trick with many of your favorite website, I'm using BHW as this example. Download --> Add to Search Bar: Install and re-start Firefox. Login to BHW - right click the search field - look for "Add to Search Bar...
  20. swinter84

    Add Your Site To G00gI3 Search Results

    So I was just looking at the big G's search results and noticed the "add a result" link under the results page number. This got me thinking, how many people would need to add the same result for the same keyword for it to show up on the first page? Does it even work like this? Also if...
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