Noob with question about GMS and total searches!!

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by iridelongboards, Aug 30, 2015.

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    So Here's my question for you guys. I wrote a big article (about 2000 words) focused on a KW with 390 GMS and 500k total search results. I dont want to give away the KW but it's ' _____ stretches ___ ____'

    So i finished the article and its looks great. 4 days later it is ranking on the 3rd page of google with no link juice, no social, nothing but local seo. but here's where things get tricky.

    i was doing some more kw research and found out that ' ____ positions ____ _____" has 1,600 GMS and on 300k total search results!!!

    so basically im looking for opinions. should i go back and change the KW or do you think the higher GMS would result in higher competition, even though the total search results are substantially lower?

    or should i just stick it out where im at because it is already doing well enough with only local seo

    Thanks in advance for your help, knowledge, and opinions
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    Could you write a second article detailing the second kw?
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    Don't worry as much about search volume #'s, and instead specifically target the kinds of questions and issues that people are searching for locally. In the local SEO world, Google's numbers are hardly ever accurate, even when you search within a specific geographic location. This is because there are so many long term permutations that you can potentially rank for with decent content. Just have a lot of it, and make it generally related to the niche, and you're golden.