1. Tristin_Davies

    I am 17 and do not know what to do with my life after highschool.

    Hi, I am currently in my final year of highschool and I am stressing about whats coming next. My mom wants me to study a BCOM at university however I feel as if it is not worth it as what they teach you there will not help you achieve great things or start a business. What should I do after...
  2. W

    Need someone to write me a psychology essay

    Only 2 pages of writing. Need it done ASAP. If you can do it send me a message or leave co tact details below. Ill send more info when contacted.
  3. Degen

    Who lives near a high school/college?

    Who lives near a high school or college in India or any other country for that matter?
  4. IlyesPoke

    Business or engineering school?

    I have the choice between a business school and an engineering school specialized in finance (to become an actuary, trader,...), what do you advise me because later on I want to work in online business (create my company,...)?
  5. P

    Help me sell student leads to Colleges

    I have a connection with thousands of students visiting their site to find information about graduate and master program. It is a combination of domestic and international students who are searching for graduate programs (Masters/MBA). These are very qualified leads with phone numbers, emails...
  6. tregoal

    Who is better: School or Working Experience?

    Just wondering if i apply for job to a company like (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc) will that be better if i have a School Diploma or Working Experience? In my case i have working experience more than 6 years on (Html, Css, Php, JS, Ajax, Api, Xml, Bootstrap, etc... ) So i feel much comfort...
  7. G

    Is guest blog Posting is worthy for seo ?

    Hello, Kindly Please tell me about guest blogging.
  8. Etchy

    OldSchool RuneScape? Best/Worst F2P Money Fast (First Post)

    Hello, First id like to say im new to BHW but i used to post on TTG :) OldSchool RuneScape ____________________________________ I Play OldSchool RuneScape to pass some free time, but i can never find a good enough way to get a f2p bond. I've found many tutorials on how to make gold but not...
  9. Kerneloshka

    Master / Formal Online Marketing

    Hi guys, Any online master or grade that you've taken about Online Marketing or Digital Marketing that you can recommend? I'm not new to the topic and I'd like to teach it for bachelor students and I need a freaking diploma.
  10. T

    School Project Help

    Hi, I have a project I need to do for a pet related topic. Hopefully, you guys can help. - What kind of people are passionate about pets? - What would you say is the most popular age group? - Female or Male? - Countries with most household pets? These questions can be based on dogs and cats...
  11. D

    Cell Phone Repair School

    I'm looking into cell phone repair, I found a place that teaches cell phone,tablet,game consoles and how to run this electronic repair business. downside its 800 bucks wanted to see if anyone wanted to go in on this?
  12. A

    How to find school sites developed with wordpress

    I have developed a wordpress school management plugin. I would like to contact all schools whose website is built with wordpress. Is there any way to find wordpress powered school websites? What would be the best option for me to reach schools? Thanks in Advance. Will affiliate work for this?
  13. J

    Should i go back to school ? Or just work at warehouse

    not sure where i should ask this but its a serious question , so please move if in wrong place but basically i have no idea what to do for a career, i live in vancouver bc and am 21 years old. i have my highschool diploma but have no idea what to do for a career . if you guys have some good...
  14. P

    Got Put in inclusion at school Help

    Dear Black hat world If I can't post this please remove it So today at school(Sixth Form) I got put in inclusion for four days because I apparently beat the crap out of some one Non Of this ever happened and there is cctv everywhere but they can't seem to find the incident that happened and...
  15. s3v007

    Who does your homework? - FREE IDEA

    So this idea just came to my head.... I know BHW has a lot of "young" members who are either still in school or attending UNI, and many of them complain about not having enough time to focus on IM due to work they receive. It would be kind of cool if someone offered a "Homework Service" and...
  16. Mowkdizz

    Life question

    Hey guys, I am currently going to school to become a mechanical engineer, but recently I have found myself more and more interested in IM. I want to put as much of my free time as possible into IM but I find I really don't have that much free time at all and its only going to get worse. I want...
  17. E

    Looking for Genuine High school and college level textbooks

    Hello, I sell high school and college level textbooks on Amazon and I am looking for genuine suppliers who can either wholesale or dropship inventory. Looking for mostly high school and college level textbooks, I've always wanted to increase my sales but I have not found a supplier. Please feel...
  18. P

    17 y/o's journey to making money online

    First, a little bit about myself....I want to be a Journalist! I have this yearning to write, in fact I have a blog homeoftheslavedotwordpressdotcom check it out if you're into politics and government conspiracies. I've started a book, I've done a couple jobs on Elance ghost writing articles...
  19. J

    Does this sound like an idea to you?

  20. Designerdude13

    [METHOD] You've had unique content all long!!!

    Remember those papers that you used to write for school? Or even better, if you're in college still writing papers. Now that they're graded, you really have no use for them. 1. Take a paper that you wrote and publish it to an article directory. Such as Ezine Articles, Goarticles, etc. (It...
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