17 y/o's journey to making money online

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    First, a little bit about myself....I want to be a Journalist! I have this yearning to write, in fact I have a blog homeoftheslavedotwordpressdotcom check it out if you're into politics and government conspiracies. I've started a book, I've done a couple jobs on Elance ghost writing articles and I just love people. I'm always meeting someone new and thoroughly enjoy conversing with strangers.

    Now, I'm graduating with the class of 2013 and I need money. Not only for the school of my dreams which happens to be Columbia University but for the best d SLR camera I can get my hands on and whatever else I need to make this online marketing venture work. I have a couple start-up bucks and a part-time job but not much to invest with because I have siblings to look out for and I need to help with bills. At this point ALL I want to do is learn, knowledge is about the only thing I can really afford to an extent.

    I want to start out with a method like e-mail listing. I'm not an expert in this field but I would like to learn! Any tips, hints, or advice would be greatly appreciated. I will keep updating this thread with my success (staying optimistic) as well as trial and errors.

    Thanks for reading another teens attempt to make a fortune and good-luck to the other Black Hatters striving to accomplish this feat as-well.
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    When you start doing something don't stop, just do it and when you earn at least $1then just rinse and repeat, Don't think that you will earn money in same day, sometimes it takes days,weeks but if you don't give up then there will be result! Good luck!