1. T


    ive been seeing several of these videos on tik tok feed where the video is offering free promo code for $700- worth of "free" bitcoin. You enter their promo code and voila you have $7000 worth of BTC in your wallet Which guess what you can withdraw straight...
  2. ATuringtest

    Don't be FOOLED by this PayPal Scam!

    This fooled me for a few secs nicely done tbh
  3. TheTwitterGuy

    Journey to YouTube MasterMind

    Hi everyone, after some time of online marketing abstinence I got the feeling that it is time to give online marketing another try. Thankfully, this time the project is not a one man job. During my master studies I met a like-minded guy who is working with me on the journey to make an impact...
  4. whiteBLUNTZ

    A Moral Compass

    Moral Compass “used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly. “ That is what I found with a quick Google search and it’s perfect. I will try to say this as polite and respectful as I possibly can because I don’t mean to point fingers at anyone...

    Exposing Insta-Gurus / IM-Scammers / Dropshipping Gurus

    @ballerbusters is a instagram account exposing many of the online self proclaimed fake Gurus. He got featured in The New York Times today... Very helpful for rookies to avoid getting into such spams. Not advertising them but helping my fellow BHW fam to stay away from scams... Experienced...
  6. Noah Hawryshko

    (COMEDY) I’ve Been Messing With a Facebook Scammer for the Last 3 Hours, Here Are the Chat Logs!

    Facebook Scammer Chat Logs I've been sick and sleep-deprived for the last 2 or 3 days and in no condition to do any real IM work, so I was looking over my accounts etc. and a Facebook scammer (real person, not a spambot) messaged one of them of the blue. Their profile picture was of an...
  7. Werombi

    Scammed by LinksManagement

    Ive signed up with Links Management a while ago via a thread recommendation on BHW ( didnt save the thread so not sure of the page) Ive created an account and added credits to receive some links and these links set my site back over 20 positions.. they were posting on low value sites and spammy...
  8. A

    New here and hopefull to get the eyes opened

    Hi guys, im actually here cause Im interested in the world of online marketing. I know that some guys of you will laugh about this post but imagine back to the time you started. It doesnt matter what you do every start is heavy especially if you dont know what you are looking for...
  9. Zwielicht

    Avoiding Scams & Staying Safe On Black Hat World

    Browsing the Hire A Freelancer, Want To Buy, and Joint Ventures sub-forums, you're bound to see a lot of shady folks climbing over each other trying to offer their services. While there are undoubtedly many members, including myself, who comb through those sub-forums and report members who...
  10. Noah Hawryshko

    So, Do BHW Scammers Actually Make Any Money?

    I've been wondering for a while why on earth people try to scam others on BHW. I can't really imagine that they make that much money. Now I'd never resort to scamming because I think it's wrong, but if I were, BHW would be the last place on earth I'd go. Trying to scam people on BHW is like...
  11. K

    24Option Affiliate Program Screws Me Again! - 247Traffic

    Hello Guys, I am an affiliate having more experience with many binary option affiliate programs which includes 24Option or 247Traffic. I've been working for this site for almost 4 months but till now the affiliate program haven't released my payment. In fact this company doesn't even track all...
  12. M

    Beware of the this fiverr scammer

    I bought an addmefast account of 12000 points for my social signals campaign from this seller the profile no longer exists and he or she is now under a different account offering the same gig and lives from the same...
  13. A

    Scammed on Flippa

    Arg, so I got scammed pretty bad on Flippa. I lost $2k. Here's the story... I saw a fairly decent site and the seller said he was buying traffic for his site from an ad agency which sends traffic from social networks. He was then monetizing the site through another ad agency which pays CPM as...
  14. S

    Warning: Scammers.

    Whats up guys, I have just signed up to Black Hat World sorry for not introducing myself. I did not no where to post this thread because I am new and coulden't post in the social media thread (Apologies to the admin's in advance). I am here just to let you guys know not to do business with...
  15. D

    So a funny thing happened today...

    And well, it got me thinking. So one of our clients wanted me to investigate an issue they had with a customer. The customer came in and presented a printed off deal like the kind you buy online from groupon, livingsocial, etc. The issue being that well... my customer had never offered a coupon...
  16. N

    Why gurus that make 200k a month still want to sell something ???

    I just do not get it... a guy from the WF named Tim Atkinson invited me to a webinar where a guy told that he is making 200k a month with this super new seo technique blabla.. 2 hours long webinar and at the end he wanted to sell a software or so for 1k... i just do not get it why this gurus...
  17. freething

    Earn money online scams

    The comission is so high and this company even offers residual income.. They have only been around for a little over a year, no wonder people are calling it a scam.
  18. R Wast Of Money Don't Use read review

    I wonder what people think of on this web site ?
  19. L

    Tired of Nigerian Scammers!

    A few years ago I became involved with several Nigerian Scams. I did not gain any money nor did I lose any except that when I tried to deposit those fake checks. At first my bank went along with the idea but after awhile they had enough with me and closed my account. At the same time my email...
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