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Alpa Strike

Sep 26, 2017
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Hi guys,

im actually here cause Im interested in the world of online marketing.

I know that some guys of you will laugh about this post but imagine back to the time you started.
It doesnt matter what you do every start is heavy especially if you dont know what you are looking for.

Unfortunately is the internet itself full of scams regarding the knowledge how to make out of the combination webapplication and traffic money so I thought for sure some guys in here could give me a advice how to manage that.

I dont want you to give me a detailed instruction or manual just to show me the direction I have to go.
Of course I heared something about affilliate marketing but regarding affilliate marketing I dont know how to get the people actually buying :( .

To myself Im not dreaming and suggesting to get rich from online marketing I just want to get with online marketing a lil bit of freedom and independence to build up peacefull other projects.

Why do u I think I could success if somebody of you shows me the direction is easy straight after I left the university I was earning online money but not in a good way :(

So things like building webapplications and generating a huge amount of traffic isnt something new to me.

Thanks in advance ;)
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