scam . pay pal scam

  1. S

    Paypal have owed me money for 18 months

    18 months ago I made a decent amount of money from a client. Before I allowed the client to pay me I called PayPal to ensure that my account was fully verified. They said it was.... As soon as I received the money they blocked my account and are still holding my funds. Can anyone here unlock...
  2. Purush

    Different type of paypal scam - How to avoid

    Hello friends I come across different type scam happened in paypal. This would be the great source for awareness. Its a lengthy one but quality read. Offers that sound too good to be true, probably are Most of us are careful if a stranger...
  3. vishal dharmadhikari

    | Scam Alert!!| Bulk Account Creator Software | |

    Recently i purchased a software from i paid them 25$ and got the license key for the software , for using the software i had to buy some numbers for phone verification. the software didn't worked as shown in the demo video so i asked them...
  4. stonedpepe420

    How do I sell my Instagram accounts without getting scammed?

    If I were to sell my IG accounts via PayPal, how should I do it properly? Since IG accounts (digital goods) are not eligible for seller protection, it's very unlikely that I will get my money back if a buyer decides to file a false charge back claim. I'm planning on start selling accounts...
  5. islamea

    please help : i want work online without scamming

    hi i m again put the same question : i need methods with and without INVEST to get money online without scamming people please help me and thank you
  6. V

    Got scammed in Twitter, need help

    Hey guys. A Friend said i can ask here for my Problem A month ago i thought i can buy a bot (EveAIO) over Twitter. The guy said just PayPal Friends cause its a Programm and Sellers have no protection. I trusted him. Payed 500$ . He blocked me. I just have the PayPal Email i send tue...
  7. DesignCamp

    Someone tried to scam me, need help!

    Someone tried to scam me the other day on eBay. I paid with PayPal and after the transaction he deleted his complete eBay account. It was a fresh account. So I opened a dispute on PayPal and denied PayPal's access to my bank account. All my money is safe. So I started searching for this guy. I...
  8. X

    Clickbank = 250$?

    So basically i have a problem.. Someone scamed me on skype via paypal and now i have to pay -800$ to paypal soon.. I talked to them and told them that i cant just pay it now and they told me that its ok if i first pay 250$ till the end of the week, so i thought why dont try clickbank again...
  9. sysco32

    Got scamed and PayPal approved it :(

    Short story is buying an FB page,i sent the money.When things started to smell fishy i put a dispute on the transaction with PayPal.I was thinking it is ok,PayPal will protect me.The thing is they don't give a...Sorry for the word,but to learn the hard way is not so pleasant. So they asked...
  10. A

    Experiences with devtheworld

    is he a trusted guy? I got scammed already this week and i dont want to risk it :) Thank you
  11. I

    Facebook Fanpage and Expected result getting Scammed [Seller Hushpapa]

    Dear BHW members, I am not trying to dramatize what has happened but just wanted to warn newbies (like me) for a scam case. I am the buyer and the seller is one of BHW forum member called "Hushpapa". We have agreed over a price for a facebook fan page which I'll not give you details. Yet...
  12. jl8105

    Watch out for [email protected] Scammer alert did not pay.

    This guy scammed me out of $300 dollars. He needed leads i provided him at a killer price i might add. I gave him the leads and he ran. I don't wanna go into details but he took the leads then blocked me from yim. I emailed him with no response back. The leads were 100% good and i even sold them...
  13. A

    If your thinking Pay-Pay will refund your money

    Listen up guys - If your going to buy a service and thinking that paypal will back you up ? You might be out on a limb. Two times now I have been scammed by someone claiming to run an xrumer for me, and not provided the service . Now when I put a claim into pay-pal one scammers reply...
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