If your thinking Pay-Pay will refund your money

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Mar 28, 2009
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Listen up guys - If your going to buy a service and thinking that paypal will back you up ?

You might be out on a limb. Two times now I have been scammed by someone claiming to run an xrumer for me, and not provided the service .

Now when I put a claim into pay-pal one scammers reply was " Pay pal will not refund on services not compleated " "check their terms of service"

Now I did end up getting a refund from him by tracking down address and threating to show up at his house .

The Point -- He thought he could , and most likely would have gotten away with scamming me, and people are out there offering services and you will not get anything, then they are counting on pay-pal to back them up according to their terms of service.

If their customer service number is disconnected , or their not answering their email , and their website has not a way of contacting anybody - I would guess its more likely a scam......

Just a warning
I would sit on the other side of the fence. I have had three refund complaints in the past year and each time the buyer was scamming me. I provided the services and they got the services and then wanted money back thus service for free.

paypal took the funds and would not listen to me or our company lawyer. Our TOS states that services billable for admin work and tech time are not refundable. PayPal sides with the buyers 9 / 10 times
paypal sucks it works on the side of scammers
makes u wonder what paypal stand for lolz
aggato - maybe you should have show up at his
house and demmanded a refund + travel costs
Yup! Scammers will get away with it..

BTW, NEVER USE Adperium just scammed me out of $50

Total... Scam....
I too have been scammed many times by buyers. I deliver and then they get there money back its a pain in the rump. But hey it all works out in the end.
I too had a bad experience. I disputed a purchase I made. Paypal decided the case in my favor and guess what I got back.

$0.13 out of purchase made for $50.
just a similar experience with hide my ip----paypal states that electronic goods are not part of buyer protection program. so basically i bought a $40 vpn that doesnt even work at all. i was not even able to register the damn software. good job paypal.
Happened to me.. PayPal is NO help... except I fought it with my CC company and won.
Sorry to hear that man. Hit up teguh on here. Hes great with xrumer and very honest.
I was fortunate. Someone tried to scam me for 150 dollars. Paypal refused to do anything. I called my bank. They withdrew and Paypal put me in -150.

I ignored it and they told me that I owed them money. I told them (literally) "No. Fuck you guys. Supporting scammers."

And a few days later, I was refunded the 150. :)
I have also been scammed out from buyers on paypal. It's life, you win some, you lose some.
I have also been scammed out from buyers on paypal. It's life, you win some, you lose some.

Wow, its funny you say that....
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