Facebook Fanpage and Expected result getting Scammed [Seller Hushpapa]

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    May 21, 2013
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    Dear BHW members,

    I am not trying to dramatize what has happened but just wanted to warn newbies (like me) for a scam case. I am the buyer and the seller is one of BHW forum member called "Hushpapa". We have agreed over a price for a facebook fan page which I'll not give you details. Yet, Hushpapa is failed to deliver what he has promised and offered in a slyly way. Even thou I've asked him to use middle-man service which is provided by Escrow yet he declined and since I was protected by Paypal and my bank I took the risk with a hope he shall deliver what he has promised. Yet the result is as you guess, I am "scammed" or was stupid enough to spend 7 hours to get my new facebook page. So it didn't happen I've learnt my lesson and I am warning you against him. He might be good programmer, coder, seller on other products but for Social Media he is not.

    Hope all newbies learn from my stupidity and read this message carefully.


    PS: I've disputed on Paypal also applied for a Credit Card Chargeback from My Bank to Paypal. The process can take up to 1 or 1.5 months. So if you ever get scammed on Paypal don't lose hope, keep your logs, screenshots, etc. Call your bank, learn your rights and get your hard earned money back form those who does not deserve it.
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