rss feeds

  1. L

    I need Help in Rss Feed

    I want to find Free Rss Feeds for a keyword only from usa excluding google , alerts Can some one suggest me any best free tools for this Thank You
  2. S

    RSS Feed from websites

    Hello guys, i have an automated news website and i need some help. I can’t see feeds from other websites from where i want to “Steal” posts. I mean when i insert \feed sometimes i see the Same content, or i got the message “this page doesn’t exist” or things Like that. How can i see rss feeds...
  3. zippyants

    RSS Feeds on Webiste - Good for SEO/Ranking or Not?

    So I have been trying to find out if RSS feeds are that relevant and more - are you peeps using them? Do they help a site or do they hinder it in any way? I find some sites still use them quite a bit, bringing in feeds from relevant sites but not sure if they really help bring in traffic or...
  4. Wilson Grant Fisk

    [300+ RSS FEEDS] Marketing, IM, SEO, SMM, PPC etc

    Here are some of the RSS Feeds I occasionally browse. They are mixed but good to keep up to date on the Industry.
  5. B

    How to post rss feeds to my facebook fan page?

    How to post rss feeds to my facebook fan page?
  6. Shadexpwn

    How can I get image RSS to perform this exact function?

    I am just wondering if there is some way to utilize image rss feeds to rather upload straight to my wordpress gallery plugin or media library folder instead of being aggregated as a post within the main site. I tried hooking up IFTTT, but can only get it to propagate a unique individual post...
  7. J

    Identify the technique this website is using: RSS Content generation?

    I?m wondering what type of technique the following website is using: URL: I see that they always use a short snippet of an article on another website and then link to it. They usually use very prestigious websites like
  8. rootjazz

    main social network sites that you actually use

    Am looking for the major social network sites that people may want to syndicate content from to other sites So far I have * twitter (via 3rd party) * facebook * youtube * wordpress * pinterest * imgur * tumblr are there any other major ones? Am not looking for a list of any and...
  9. SEO_Alchemy

    [HOT] RSS FEED FIRESTORM High PR RSS Submission Free Reviews__ONLY $7.95

    RSS FEED FIRESTORM Ultimate HIGH PR/HIGH DA RSS Submission Service Do you have a Blog or YouTube Channel with an RSS Feed? Submit Your RSS Feed to Top Tier Directories for HIGH AUTHORITY Link Juice, Traffic, and SEO !!! ALL FOR ONLY $7.95 Increase your Inbound Links for Better...
  10. M

    Any Software or script that can get news from webstites insantly as they are posted to me?

    Hello everyone, im new on blackhat and so far i have gotten 2 useful information under 10mins of registration just by reading on some threads. Now i dont know if i could get help on this issue as i have searched the site and i didnt come across any similar tool. What i want to do is if there is...
  11. mindmaster

    Article Scraper from RSS Feeds?

    Is there any software that downloads the full article from RSS Feeds? I need articles on separate files.
  12. C

    Google Alerts and Twitter

    I'm an idiot but I just realized that Google Alerts doesn't do RSS feeds anymore. That means my twitter accounts that were getting their automatic content from Google Alerts haven't been updated since sometime in July. So I looked for a replacement for Google Alerts and found Talkwalker. I...
  13. B

    Post a RSS feed to multipule Twitter accounts

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a program that will allow me to have multiple twitter accounts, and then i can use rss feeds to post to these accounts automaticly. I'd also need it to randomly select which account it would post to. So, each Time the RSS is updated, it will only post that update to...
  14. Paco De Lucía

    RSS scrapes and re-posts? Good or evil?

    Please forgive the n00bishness of this question, but I've tried to search around both on this site and the internet and am getting mixed signals regarding this subject. I thought I'd ask you, the expert what you think. What are your feelings on scraping RSS content, aggregating feeds and...
  15. azguru

    [GET] Free Lindexed Submissions

    I've had a lot of extra unused lindexed submissions lately. Post here if you want some. 2000 per person Requirements: 50+ posts 20+ thanks 15+ rep If you don't meet the requirements, don't post here: simple as that. Requirements are not meant to restrict people, but to filter out the leechers...
  16. E

    Finding Good Product RSS Feeds

    Hey everyone!! I've been lurking around here for sooooo long, and learning SOOOO much about internet marketing! It finally came to the point where I've just got to start posting, though, as I'm starting to formulate questions that my searches around the forum aren't answering. o3o~ So I'm...
  17. D

    How to add RSS feeds into your website using PHP ?

    Hello Friends, As a webmaster you would interested in having search engine friendly RSS feeds on your web pages because this can help with; ( get php code and add your website ):weather05 Free - :weather05FREE - :weather05DOWNLOADS the rar file .:weather05
  18. A

    [ASK] RSS Feed

    can any somebody tell me about unique rss feed URL about electronic article, I need to setup my autoblog Thanks
  19. S

    Backlink indexing process or software?

    Until recently, I was using RSS feeds to index my backlinks. I was using to put backlinks into RSS feeds. Then I was pinging the feeds with SB and creating Social Bookmarks from the feeds. It was working great and my links were getting indexed that way. Problem is, I found that...
  20. thetermy

    Sudden RSS traffic influx?

    Hello, I've been lurking here for awhile. Here is a question: rss (rss) Nov 7, 2011 - Nov 7, 2011 visits:33 percent of total: 19.30% Nov 6, 2011 - Nov 6, 2011 visits:0 percent of total: 0.00% Why are there suddenly tons of RSS subscribers?
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