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  1. venthi76

    What's The Point of Ranking. Am I missing something?

    Came across few websites that ranking well for many keywords in a niche. While the keywords have huge potential to be linked to Amazon, Walmart, Insta or any other affiliate, these sites are not linking to any affiliate but only linking externally to elsewhere. For example, just say ABC Brand...
  2. Oxidian

    Need Reviews for My Review Blog

    Hello, I am looking to buy 10 English written reviews about other websites/apps in my niche. Random positive and negative reviews - no specific websites or review ratings. I need each review to be somewhere between 1000-3000 words long. Needs to be good quality, easy to read, and unique. All...
  3. the gent

    Please review my website and give me advice, suggestion

    Hi, Guys I need webmasters to help to review my site: Yesterday I put my blog live, and I want to try applying for Adsense, as I'm very paranoid when it comes to perfection for my Blog. I will be very delighted Guys.:) Edit: is it OK to put Demo Ads on my home page during...
  4. S

    Review pages for SEO wanted

    Hello, we are running a cryptocurrency platform and are looking for people that can provide reviews on various "Scam Check", "Scam or Legit", etc pages. These should be SEO optimised, positives reviews. Depending on what you can offer us, we have a budget of up to 10.000 Euro. If you can...
  5. S

    Want to buy reviews on cryptocurrency forums

    Hello, I want to buy multiple reviews & discussions on cryptocurrency forums like the ones you can find listed below. We want to buy new answers & reviews on a monthly basis, so we are looking for a longterm cooperation here :) If you can help us / have accounts, please PM me.
  6. S

    Want to buy answers

    Hello, I want to buy 10 - 20 answers from aged profiles. If you can help us, DM me :)
  7. M

    {Review}Need webmaster, and prof review

    Everyone’s doing it so why not me  I have seen many brilliant suggestions on this forum and it helps a lot to get fresh eyes to your site. So please let me know any small or large suggestion that you have for my site. I will appreciate it a lot. Even if it’s a small tweak, please suggest the...
  8. pm_money

    WTB - Reviews For Ecomm Site

    Hey Guys, Back in the day we used to do tons of SEO for product reviews, and now we need our own. We have an info product / bizopp - and we need reviews in Google... Right now, when people google the name of our site - nothing shows up, and we just need some blogs with some good reviews...
  9. bean

    What do you guys think??

    I just created my first post on my first blog. Lemme know what you think as far as formatting and such. I'm not sure how I feel about the theme, I'm probably going to change it to something more colorful. Be as vicious as you please, I want all of the constructive criticism you've got. The...
  10. D

    How much do you earn with a health review blog?

    Is there anyone who are in that niche? How do you get traffic to your blog?
  11. S

    Please Review My Blog And Give Me Some Tips How To Grow This

    Hello Guys, Currently I am Running An Entertainment Site- This is Basically my first attempt in Blogging. I have started this site in February this year. And this is working pretty Good. Now i just want to know,what should i do to grow this site and to get better...
  12. skizowapa

    clickbank+review site

    Hello everyone!! when i will get sales from my review sites? at the moment i receive 50 hops everyday from backlinks thanks,
  13. T

    Where to start?

    I want to buy a service that put an artist that im managing in blogs/webs whatever it works Im new in this blackhat services I saw alot of blog posting services but im not really understand how they work or witch one fits me the best If someone can guide me I really apreciate it I need blog...
  14. madcat816

    The Listing of Travel and Tours company in Trip Adviser.....

    Hello Friends you all are well known about www(.)tripadvisor(.)com, we can add review over different company related to Travel. However i have tried many times to get listed as Attraction but at mean time i was unable to do so. Please help me on this for my reputation over mine Client i...
  15. B

    Amazing Conversion / Sales letter Concept Trial - Your Thoughts Please.....

    Firstly please excuse the thread title.... Nothing ground breaking here i'm sure but...... I have you here reading and hopefully prepared to share your thoughts... Ok wont waste any more of your time. Niche: DIY electric cars Site type: Reviews on wordpress backend. Concept trial: Facebook...
  16. V

    How good is a domain STUPIDPRODUCTREVIEWS.COM for a product review blog ?

    How good a domain named STUPIDPRODUCTREVIEWS(dot)COM or STUPIDPRODUCTREVIEWS(dot)org for making a product review blog for affiliate products from clickbank, CJ, Amazon, etc. ?
  17. V

    Need to open a review site .. any suggested available domain names ?

    Hi Guys I want to open a review site for products that I promote. Will you please suggest any good available domain names which can help me rank and get traffic.
  18. zoomsixx

    Review site advice needed

    I have a really good domain name which includes "reviews" in it, the domain is aged , a PR5 with good authority. My problem is monetizing it. I have had Clickbank product reviews and some other SEO tool reviews which makes me a few bucks here and there but I want to take this site to a new...
  19. B

    best CB review site templates ?

    Hi there im looking to revamp all my review sites for CB products that are still receiving a decent amount of traffic. Is there any new plugins for word press plugs that offer everything to affilate marketer would want. Please post any urls of sites that offer reviews that MOST...
  20. lizmoz

    In there a review plugin like this?

    Hi all WP lovers. I've searched and searched but with no results yet... Is there a review plugin available that would allow me to insert star rating in the middle of a post with some shortcode (like [review-1] or whatever), but the catch is that the whole review should come from blog readers...
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