Please Review My Blog And Give Me Some Tips How To Grow This


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Jan 7, 2014
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Hello Guys,

Currently I am Running An Entertainment Site- This is Basically my first attempt in Blogging. I have started this site in February this year. And this is working pretty Good.

Now i just want to know,what should i do to grow this site and to get better audience.

One More thing,If Anybody is interested in any kind of partnership or joint venture is also welcome.

Keep update your website and adding the great piece of contents which are helpful to make an interesting with your audiences. Also, build your social profiles strongly and keep sharing the blog posts on your social accounts to get more visits.
The content
once u got dup content penalty u always be in google radar

Googlebot visits most sites every day. If it finds a copied version of something a week later on another site, it knows where the original appeared. Googlebot doesn’t get angry and penalize. It moves on. That’s pretty much all you need to know.
It would be better if you post original and fresh content to your website. If your site is penalised then all then all the methods for dragging customers will be in vain. Social media will help you to get customers to your site. share it in various groups.
The blog looks okay, but posting only unique and original content on your website is the best way to run your website. Also, increase your social media shares and keep your site regularly updated.
Content duplicated,your popup at start is annoying as fck I wanted to close page the same second it went up,use hd images plz(go on pixabay u can find images with no copyright there hd also and videos too) ,because of your ad abouve nav bar your slider isnt above the fold maybe do research where to place adds for better customer experience,i also think your use of slider is generaly stupid and makes no sence to me at least i use it on lot smaller dimensions and i use it to take people to selling page,YOU ARE BLOGGER AND U DONT HAVE BLOG BUTTON ON NAVBAR why???????????????u have browse categories button and i dont have idea what your page is about ,bro i think you should spend more time learning than apply learned or you will just fail action is stupid without knowledge.sry for bad english i wrote fast and just want to help you i hope you will appreciate my review although i see more mistakes but i'm not in mood to write essay right now hah...
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