1. spamco


    hey guys im back again with a new updated method to create multiple accounts without getting banned working in 2023 , this method is for free im still using it to this day the method : 1- get dolphine browser / its the same as multilogin but the good thing that it lets you create 10...
  2. N1ckG2

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    Learn How to Rank & Bank APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less! Make Money with APPs & Games Even if You Can't Code! Original BST: Use Coupon code...
  3. suicidesheep311

    My Applovin account got closed on 1k$

    i start reskin same apps (to be specific guides) , i search for same niches after buying same google play console account , i start by making abount 1$ a day , then i notice same guide app i published blowup from no where , in conclusion in 10-12 days i made over 1k$ then i chocked by email...
  4. Badarod

    [JOURNEY] Mobile Apps Revolution

    Hi everyone I hope you all doing good , i'm posting this thread to help myself to get motivated to do what i habe to do in my business life. first of all i'm an android developer (java+android studio) i'm making money bybm developing a source code m, generating a lot of apps from it ,publishing...
  5. spamco

    Best Admob Alternatives - Admob limit solution *2022*

    hey if you are sick of admob limit use this networks i tested them all they are fine list not on order -FAN -Ironsource -Applovin -Unity 3D -startapp the worst of all of them but they pay on time cpa= -Also you can create your own banner ads through server and put cpa offer links in ...
  6. spamco

    Create Multiple Google Play Developer Accounts - Wokring Method *2022*

    i tried this method for past few months and its working 100% You need = -vitrualbox -windows 7/10 noo need to activate it also dont use cracked versions -latest firefox also dont use old old version its kinda suspicious , and dont clear cockies ,data each time -disable webrtc in about:config...
  7. spamco

    Solutions To All Reskin Problems

    Im Back to smash dollars again , if you from morocco/tangier leave a comment or contact me i be happy to work together and share knowledge, even if you are not from morocco that fine , you all welcome guys i promise i share anything i know to help also you can ask me here in comments about...
  8. N1ckG2

    ▶️ [METHOD] ▶️ [HOW-TO] ▶️ Rank & Bank APPs ✅ & Mobile Games ✅ on iOS ✅ & Google Play ✅ in 60 Days on Less ⚡

    How to Rank & Bank FREE APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less Get my full strategy and discover how to: Select the right niche – get this wrong and everything else can fail Choose the right keywords for your app Optimize your listing to outperform competitors Get more...
  9. Patchy420

    How to get an apps source code for a reskin?

    It's all in the title Thanks in advance
  10. spamco

    my mobile app journey 20k month - from hero to zero

    from making 20k dollars in month to zeros , i dropped from school in 2017 , i staretd wagging working regular jobs for hours ,my family is really poor i didnt know where is my life is going , everything about my life was terrible i had nothing no friends no hobbies nothing , i worked all day...
  11. spamco

    The Ending Of Reskin - mobile apps

    i have easy time finding niches i have apps that got 100k in less than a month + i can create multiple account without problem i can create hundres of account , but for what ? all this apps i get 0 dollars from the reason is = admob limit + facebook blocked traffic problem - they dont...
  12. spamco

    The End Of Facebook Audience network

    Hey guys recently I can't get any app approved by Facebook, always the same problem 4.1 risk of violation , i tried to contact them but no response Please If u faced this problem before and you have a solution share it.
  13. spamco

    IPS For Google play developer

    Hello guys, Google asking me for ID Card To Open Google play developer account I want a good vpn/proxy, What Vpn/proxy do u guys use without problems Thanks,
  14. spamco

    Hi I'm From Tanger

    Hey Guys I work on reskin mobile apps I'm From Tanger Morocco, anyone here lives here
  15. spamco

    Best Admob Alternative

    Hey Guys :) Is There Any Good Admob Alternative For Apps -not games- Besides Facebook Audience Network , Is There Any Other Good Network Anyone Here Tried to work with others networks For Me , I tried Startapp But IT Was Really Bad , Please Share Your Experience So Anyone that has problems...
  16. spamco

    Facebook Audience Network Problem - Traffic blocked

    hello guys , i keep getting my apps rejecting in facebook audience network , even if others works with same nich with facebook , my apps getting non approve , i keep getting this Traffic blocked due to policy violation. Message Over And Over one of the messages = This property violates the...
  17. spamco

    Prior Violation - Google play console developer

    Hey guys Prior violation was the biggest problem In google play in 2020 so far Every account u open it, after u publish an app, you account get suspended because of prior violation Here some solutions : CHANGE ADMOB CHANGE SOURCE CODE CHANGE WHERE YOU CREATE/SIGN YOUR APP ( POSSIBLY Android...
  18. spamco

    Multilogin For Google Play Developer

    Hey Guys, IS multilogin works for creating multiple google play developer accounts Is anyone here are using it How was your experience with multilogin Do You Guys recommend it Thanks
  19. spamco

    End Of Multiple Google PLAY Developer 2020

    Hey guys is anyone here having problems lately with prior violation / multiple accounte issues? Im using Vmware - Firefox - 3G Modem But Somehow Google tracks me Any solution?? Thanks
  20. I

    Android developer needed

    Hi, Need a Java coder to rebuild VLC player for Android. PM me