1. M

    Searching for / Bizcn Reseller

    We are looking for and Bizcn resellers here. These should accept cryptocurrencies like XMR, BTC, ETH. Also, DMCA Ignored and ignore any requests.
  2. CreativeDaddy

    Domain Registrar Question (laws & privacy) and more

    Hello :) I have this question about domain registrar, because I dont actually know if I need a offshore domain registrar or if a regular one works. Quick Explanation: Over the last couple years I've built this community who uses user-generated content on a specific topic on Discord. This...
  3. A

    NEED Domain provider which accepts BTC or crypto

    I need a domain provider (not: namecheap, hostinger, namesilo, porkbun) that accepts bitcoin or any crypto that I can buy .online domain with.
  4. C

    Cheap .com bulk domain registrar

    Hi there. I am searching for a domain registrar, but i am looking for some cheap bulk solution. I want to buy 5-10 maybe more .com and the cheapest I found is about 4$ for 1st year. Does anyone know where to find some cheaper solution? Thanks
  5. Impressor

    Does GoDaddy use your searches against you?

    This is getting frustrating now. I search Godaddy for some possible domains. Leave. Come back after some mins. The domain's gone. It's unavailable. Happened more than a couple of times. I don't think it's mere coincidence. Ever happened to any of you?
  6. Akinyande ayo

    Need Namesilo domain renewal coupon and reliable Host

    Hi fellows, I've been with Namesilo for some years now and i love it. However, i've never got any working coupon whenever i want to renew my domain. Any reliable source or coupon code for domain renewal, will really appreciate it. Also need a very reliable host that's not too expensive in US...
  7. M

    Nightmare Situation with Sharkservers and Namecheap, what should I do?

    I'm having a Nightmare since 2 weeks ago when Sharkservers website went down ( /, along with all my over 20 websites that stopped working since the domains are using Sharkservers nameservers. I have no way of contacting Sharkservers, no way of changing domain...
  8. Dictatorce

    Domain name registrar that doesn't sell you out?

    Any domain registrar that doesn't leak your info out when a billion dollar company asks for it. Godaddy recently leaked my info out to a company that I was violating some copyright with. Is there a domain registrar that doesn't leak my personal info out? Like some Bulgarian or Serbian type of thing?
  9. kurosaki4d

    Register clients emails in Mailchimp

    Hello All, I have a website where people register in it for getting certain digital products with montly subscriptions. That been said, i would like to know if there is a way to add people to my Mailchimp subscribers list the moment they apply in the registration form of my website, (by...
  10. X

    Domain redirection with Abelohost

    Hi everyone, newbie here. I registered a domain with Abel0h0st a few days ago, and I'm trying to redirect it to an existing page, to get started with affiliates. Abel0h0st has a tool to do it from the registrar, but it seems that it's not working. For example: I'm trying to redirect the domain...
  11. J

    $1 GoDaddy Domain Name

    I purchased .com domain name last july, 2017 for $1 using coupon code C. Aside from GoDaddy is the most trusted and popular registrar, there are many coupons online to have discount on every purchase, just keep searching on google.
  12. Nargil

    Registrar Leaks Credit Card Details

    There are good registrars, there are bad registrars and then there are two that cannot be worse. Whether it's service, their price or absolutely ridiculous support These two are and Network Solutions. What happened to me today however was beyond anything I have ever imagined. The...
  13. KraftyKyle

    [GET] $5.99 .com Domain Names - LIMITED TIME!

    I'm not sure why this hasn't been shared yet, but NameSilo has a promotion going on right now for $5.99 .com domain name registrations. This is not valid for renewals or transfers. I've already registered a handful of domains and plan to grab a few more. All registrations come with free WHOIS...
  14. zerkamaz

    Unpopular Domain Name Registrars

    Hey Guys, After spending hours and days on searching, I couldn't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone here have a list of registrars who list their expired domains for sale as a service, like Godaddy, Name, etc Please, I need no popular ones. Most of the unpopular registrars I know doesn't...
  15. CarlSagan

    Can you effectively 301 an expired domain from registrar instead of host?

    An expired domain is clean but isn't indexed yet. Will search engines still pick it up if you 301 it directly to your money site from a registrar? Would this be just as effective as a 301 redirect from a host? Ty.
  16. sabo

    Buying an .email TLD

    Can someone please tell me the cons of using uncommon TLD's like .club, .guru, .email? I heard that uncommon TLD's might be bad for SEO, but it doesn't bother me as I'm not going to do any SEO on my website. I'm planning to buy an .email domain and send traffic from my email campaigns there. In...
  17. Harold Bacon

    Finding site owner

    Hi everyone. I just want to ask if there is any other tips in finding website owner name and email besides in going to the whois tab on each domain registrar? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Harold Bacon

    Domain exists on nother registrar.

    Is there only one domain name exist? I mean I searched on different registrar and I find different prices on a certain domain name I plan to buy. Does that mean that if I buy domain, for example, on namecheap. Would it still be available on godaddy? Please help.
  19. alexio

    Easy trick to have many email addresses for only $10 per year

    Hi, This trick is mostly usefull when you need to register for some website, and you don't want to get spammed. The disposable emails are more and more detected, so this trick can be good if you are in this case 1) Register a new domain in namecheap (free whois the first year, and it's the...
  20. sabo

    Whois protection or fake info?

    I was wondering if it's okay to provide a registrar with a fake personal information, or maybe it would be safer to overpay a few bucks and get the complete whois protection? I would really appreciate if someone could recommend a good registrar (security wise), as I don't really want other...
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