1. N

    Is there a way to hide my referrer site on Google Analytics

    Is there a way to hide my referrer site on Google Analytics? Example: Referrer site is: <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> I do not want to appear on Google Analytics of
  2. net307

    ✅ LibreTraffic ⭐ Traffic Generator & Automation

    Official Price: $99 Lifetime For BHW Users: $49.5 Lifetime Purchase Link: Signup Form Discount Coupon: BHW-PROMO-50 Included Scripts: ✅Visit ✅Visit + Refresh ✅Visit + Random Click ✅Soundcloud Play ✅Google Search and Click ✅Bing Search and Click ✅DuckDuckGo Search and Click * Scripts are...
  3. K

    Change Referrer Affiliate Program

    Hi guys, I'm running PPC campaign on my affiliate program and i would like to change the referrer website i see on the dashboard. Do you have any tips ? Website or Tutorial i could follow? Thanks
  4. CynicalWize

    [Solution] Blank/Fake/Spoof Referrer

    Here is how to convert BlackHat traffic into WhiteHat traffic I've been looking for a long time for a solution to change the referrer from any traffic. Finally, I found, where you can change the referer only with a link. Currently high authority sites/referrers such as...
  5. naskootbg

    Links from relevant domain names not helps in SEO

    Bit old info, but in the past I always said, links from relevant domains are more powerful, but this is very wrong. I think a lot of SEOs here thinking the same - think again. What I read in seroundtable is that "GoogleBot Doesn't Pass A Referrer; Generally Directly Hits URLs", wich is...
  6. TheBizCat

    WordPress Link Shortening Plugin With Custom Referrer Support?

    Hello! I'm currently looking for a WordPress link shortening plugin that will allow me to shorten an affiliate link and set a customized referrer source. Thanks!
  7. M

    Adwords CPA hide my cloaked domain.

    I am running adwords for a long time but not for CPA. I want to know how am i able to get this work without getting banned by affiliate network. 1. In my cloaker is ok to put for money page CPA link? There will be a problem with the affiliate network because they will see the referrer and if...
  8. inmygarage

    Q: how much can be tracked past a referrer link?

    I send traffic from my site through a button click with a redirect link --> mysite. com/goto affiliate link 1. can the affiliate program manager see which other sites from my website they have visited before the went to the redirect link? I am obviously not interested in that. 2. If i link to...
  9. geebehn

    What Will Be My Referrer? Please Check

    Hello! Kindly check the below illustration. I will like to know which of the domain would be seen as the referring domain when visitors lands on my affiliate page. Facebook/Twitter==>Domain A (301 redirect domain A to)==> Domain B ( 301 reditect Domain B to) ==> Affiliate Link. And is it...
  10. \/enom

    how to fake traffic referrer to ?

    hello BHW; i want to convert url into facebook url , whenever it has a view traffic source should be shown as ., like a twitter , every post on twitter gets converted into twitter's link ( ), and whenever it clicked traffic source become twitter , how can...
  11. J

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc) No ads & 100% free! Go to
  12. K

    Stop Spam Referrer

    Guys, I don't own the website nor have any affiliation with it..just a user... As everybody now (or should) spam referrer can screw GA, you can always write a htaccess instruction combined with a robots.txt but is a pain to keep it up to date. Why not "crowdsource" the list and apply it as...
  13. M

    Does Referrer Affect CPM

    Hello all, This is my first post here and I'm pretty new to all of this so any help would be really appreciated. I am using direct links on my website (with propeller ads) and I'm using a variety of traffic exchanges to send traffic using a shortened google link for tracking purposes. I've...
  14. E

    [Ask] Fake Refferer Plugin Wordpress

    Hello buddy, just wondering is there any plugin that can make fake referrer when somebody visit our website? i mean, for example when some people click the link that i share on fb, usually in google analytics that visitor referrer gonna be So here, is there possible to make it fake...
  15. Zwielicht

    [Method] Easy Blog Traffic Using Referrer Spam URLs As Keywords!

    A few months ago, while checking my Google Analytics data, I noticed that my site had been receiving some referrer spam from "", so I searched for more information about one of the referrer spammers in Google. After I searched for the referrer spammer's URL, I noticed that the...
  16. V

    PPC Trademark Keyword Bidding

    Hello, I am paying $100 via Paypal for anyone willing to show me a way to be able to bid on trademark keywords and not get caught via PPC. I am trying to promote CPA offers through different networks and I heard they have programs that scan the search engines and find out if you are bidding on...
  17. A

    htaccess question with referrer redirect

    Ok, the thing is that some site ( let's call it X ) refers to my site ( let's call it Y ). I would like that when the visitor from site X clicks on my link won't go to site Y but to another site I select ( let's call it Z ). So how can I make sure that when someone goes to X doesn't get...
  18. F

    Essence of CPA

    Hi Guys, I am finding more about CPA, I tried FB promotions did not work for Email submits, I have a method some thing I found my self, I would like to try it, but, Could you guys help me what does it mean by Referrer? and How to blank the referrer ? Thank you.
  19. S

    Referrer Spoofing

    Hello ... I want to spoof referrer and show it as facebook... is this possible ... If yes then please tell me how to do it... Ya I know this had beed already answered but I can't get it exactly there... :eek:
  20. clickwhale

    Is this referer assumption right? Involves = Iframe + Redirection + Referer

    Hi guys, Tell me if this is correct... 1) Let's say loads my vendor's sales page in an iframe. 2) But the iframe is loaded as a redirection. Meaning the iframe's src would be ="" which is actually redirected to vendor's site as a normal affiliate...