1. S

    Traffic on my website without any referrer showing up in my analytics.

    I'm noticing that I'm getting traffic on my website without any referrer showing up in my analytics. How can I check where this traffic is coming from and why there is no referrer information available? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And how can I block this...
  2. N

    Is there a way to hide my referrer site on Google Analytics

    Is there a way to hide my referrer site on Google Analytics? Example: Referrer site is: <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> I do not want to appear on Google Analytics of
  3. net307

    ✅ LibreTraffic ⭐ Traffic Generator & Automation

    Official Price: $99 Lifetime For BHW Users: $49.5 Lifetime Purchase Link: Signup Form Discount Coupon: BHW-PROMO-50 Included Scripts: ✅Visit ✅Visit + Refresh ✅Visit + Random Click ✅Soundcloud Play ✅Google Search and Click ✅Bing Search and Click ✅DuckDuckGo Search and Click * Scripts are...
  4. K

    Change Referrer Affiliate Program

    Hi guys, I'm running PPC campaign on my affiliate program and i would like to change the referrer website i see on the dashboard. Do you have any tips ? Website or Tutorial i could follow? Thanks
  5. CynicalWize

    [Solution] Blank/Fake/Spoof Referrer

    Here is how to convert BlackHat traffic into WhiteHat traffic I've been looking for a long time for a solution to change the referrer from any traffic. Finally, I found, where you can change the referer only with a link. Currently high authority sites/referrers such as...
  6. naskootbg

    Links from relevant domain names not helps in SEO

    Bit old info, but in the past I always said, links from relevant domains are more powerful, but this is very wrong. I think a lot of SEOs here thinking the same - think again. What I read in seroundtable is that "GoogleBot Doesn't Pass A Referrer; Generally Directly Hits URLs", wich is...
  7. TheBizCat

    WordPress Link Shortening Plugin With Custom Referrer Support?

    Hello! I'm currently looking for a WordPress link shortening plugin that will allow me to shorten an affiliate link and set a customized referrer source. Thanks!
  8. M

    Adwords CPA hide my cloaked domain.

    I am running adwords for a long time but not for CPA. I want to know how am i able to get this work without getting banned by affiliate network. 1. In my cloaker is ok to put for money page CPA link? There will be a problem with the affiliate network because they will see the referrer and if...
  9. inmygarage

    Q: how much can be tracked past a referrer link?

    I send traffic from my site through a button click with a redirect link --> mysite. com/goto affiliate link 1. can the affiliate program manager see which other sites from my website they have visited before the went to the redirect link? I am obviously not interested in that. 2. If i link to...
  10. geebehn

    What Will Be My Referrer? Please Check

    Hello! Kindly check the below illustration. I will like to know which of the domain would be seen as the referring domain when visitors lands on my affiliate page. Facebook/Twitter==>Domain A (301 redirect domain A to)==> Domain B ( 301 reditect Domain B to) ==> Affiliate Link. And is it...
  11. \/enom

    how to fake traffic referrer to ?

    hello BHW; i want to convert url into facebook url , whenever it has a view traffic source should be shown as ., like a twitter , every post on twitter gets converted into twitter's link ( ), and whenever it clicked traffic source become twitter , how can...
  12. J

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc) No ads & 100% free! Go to
  13. K

    Stop Spam Referrer

    Guys, I don't own the website nor have any affiliation with it..just a user... As everybody now (or should) spam referrer can screw GA, you can always write a htaccess instruction combined with a robots.txt but is a pain to keep it up to date. Why not "crowdsource" the list and apply it as...
  14. M

    Does Referrer Affect CPM

    Hello all, This is my first post here and I'm pretty new to all of this so any help would be really appreciated. I am using direct links on my website (with propeller ads) and I'm using a variety of traffic exchanges to send traffic using a shortened google link for tracking purposes. I've...
  15. E

    [Ask] Fake Refferer Plugin Wordpress

    Hello buddy, just wondering is there any plugin that can make fake referrer when somebody visit our website? i mean, for example when some people click the link that i share on fb, usually in google analytics that visitor referrer gonna be So here, is there possible to make it fake...
  16. Zwielicht

    [Method] Easy Blog Traffic Using Referrer Spam URLs As Keywords!

    A few months ago, while checking my Google Analytics data, I noticed that my site had been receiving some referrer spam from "", so I searched for more information about one of the referrer spammers in Google. After I searched for the referrer spammer's URL, I noticed that the...
  17. V

    PPC Trademark Keyword Bidding

    Hello, I am paying $100 via Paypal for anyone willing to show me a way to be able to bid on trademark keywords and not get caught via PPC. I am trying to promote CPA offers through different networks and I heard they have programs that scan the search engines and find out if you are bidding on...
  18. A

    htaccess question with referrer redirect

    Ok, the thing is that some site ( let's call it X ) refers to my site ( let's call it Y ). I would like that when the visitor from site X clicks on my link won't go to site Y but to another site I select ( let's call it Z ). So how can I make sure that when someone goes to X doesn't get...
  19. F

    Essence of CPA

    Hi Guys, I am finding more about CPA, I tried FB promotions did not work for Email submits, I have a method some thing I found my self, I would like to try it, but, Could you guys help me what does it mean by Referrer? and How to blank the referrer ? Thank you.
  20. S

    Referrer Spoofing

    Hello ... I want to spoof referrer and show it as facebook... is this possible ... If yes then please tell me how to do it... Ya I know this had beed already answered but I can't get it exactly there... :eek:
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