Q: how much can be tracked past a referrer link?

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    I send traffic from my site through a button click with a redirect link --> mysite. com/goto affiliate link

    1. can the affiliate program manager see which other sites from my website they have visited before the went to the redirect link? I am obviously not interested in that.

    2. If i link to that redirect link from instagram - will the affiliate program manager be able to see that the referrer is instagram or just my website?

    3. Also, is it considered cloaking if if I hide the redirect link and exclude the redirect link/post in the sitemap on the home page, categories, author pages and internal search results?
    will google give a penalty for this behavior?

    I hope someone can help, thanks a lot guys!!

    best and have a nice weekend...
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    Affiliate network cannot see your traffic source if you are using their link with redirect.