cloaking affiliate links

  1. Surfinite

    [FREE 3-DAY TRIAL] Cloakify - Cloaking service. Get Rid of Unwanted Traffic. Forever.

    Dear friends! We are pleased to announce our cloaking service, Cloakify. We have been working on its development for a long time and are finally ready to introduce our product to BHW users. What Cloakify is: Cloakify is a service designed to protect your websites and offers from unwanted...
  2. P

    Need Help with Snapchat Pixel Cloaking

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to run some ads on Snapchat and want to cloak the pixel so that they don't get the affiliate domain. But unlike FB where there's the <img> no script pixel, Snap doesn't have it...It only has the Javascript code...So it there ay way that I can cloak the Javascript...
  3. clo.king

    Can any content be used in the White Page when cloaking CPA offer?

    Many people think that with cloaking, any white page can be used and approved on ad platforms. But what will happen after a short period is that Facebook, Google and TikTok bots will match your ad with the white page that you are promoting. When they see that there's no relation between...
  4. JellyX

    [Q] Need help cloaking Aff links for Quora

    Hello guys, im currently in the process of starting promoting affiliate programs through quora I would like to skip the landing page thing tho, if posible. Does any1 know if a simple link shortner like bitly does the job of cloaking the link and evading quora ban? ive already tried to make a...
  5. D

    Affiliate Link Cloaking Expert needed

    Hello I want to hire someone who can set up cloaking tools for our affiliate links and please do not contact without experience Thanks
  6. krychaj5

    Why does url cloakers are so expensive?

    Hello, I'm trying to setup several instagram accounts to start promote them and earn cash in CPA. First mistake I made few days ago was buying .com domain and I just directly redirected it to CPA url and put into bio, the domain get blocked by IG in few moments. Didn't know about that, cuz I...
  7. kretchi

    What is the safest way to post a link with porn?

    Not asking if it's safer to post on dm or on bio, but what kind of link it's more safe. Im using web 2.0 prelanders and not having good results, sometimes works sometimes don't. Any ideas guys?
  8. CloakerLy

    Cloakerly - One of The Most Advanced Cloakers in The Market .

    Filter your web traffic and improve your ROI with Cloarkerly. Join us TODAY AND GET TRIAL FOR 9$. Our modern and optimized cloaking technology improves your lead quality and keeps a real-time watch over traffic to your site. Cloarkerly filters fraudulent visits to your site by cloaking all...
  9. 527078861

    Cloaking with google ads and casino affiliate

    hi , Im new here! somone here are making cloaking with google ads to affiliate links? I have a couple of questions. thanks!
  10. Harnur

    Google Ads+ Cloaking (HELP!)

    Hello, I am cloaking my website link for my google ads campaign. I am getting low-quality traffic from Google, so, i wish to do conversion tracking for my keywords. Will conversion tracking work if i am using cloaked link? Shud i use Google conversion tracking(will google flag my ads account...
  11. Roger Marquez

    CPA Links Issues

    Hi there fellas...Im using Bitly to shortening my CPA links before adding them to an ebook that i will use as a lead magnet to promote my offers but when testing the links i get this message from the browser... And i even tried with other browsers (firefox, chrome and yeah even Explorer) so...
  12. kido

    cloaking method for facebook and Instagram?

    Hey everyone here please what is the best way to cloak my affiliate link from facebook and instagram? i've been trying to find a way i have wassted a lot of money too and have only $4 in my bank. i trying to use domain redirected. bought a domain and hosting from namecheap and go to the...
  13. H

    Warm up facebook accounts to cloak

    Guys I really need more info about this. I have covered the whole process, I mean, I have a great ad, a great funnel, access to a lot of new FB accounts, credit cards... everything, but my FB accounts dies to soon. I'm going to explain my whole process expecting somebody can help me to perfect...
  14. A

    Run Tech Support Campaign for me and Generate Regular Leads

    Guys I need help with Running Tech Support Campaign for Lead Generation. I am ready to offer a Plan wherein you will atleast make 100$ per day.
  15. A

    Need Help with Cloaking on Google Adwords

    Hi Guys I am looking for an individual who can help me with the Cloaking on the Google Adwords Campaign to setup and run Campaign for me.
  16. Mr. OG

    Best Niche for FB Ads w/ NO Cloaking?

    Hey guys, I am currently a newbie and planning to start my affiliate marketing career via FB ads. I dont have enough $ to afford a cloaking software, thus I have to use the organic way. I know that running ad campaigns in niches like skin, diet, beauty, health, gambling, and gaming is not...
  17. Naaga

    How to cloak clickbank product...? For blogger With Adsense

    how to use Click Bank and Adsense in same blogger.
  18. Harnur

    Any Adwords/Facebook Cloaking Service That Provide TRIAL OFFER?

    Do you know any adword cloacking service service that provides trial offer. My advertising budget(daily) is $150-200. So, before actually buying anything i want to test/use it first.. Any cloaking service that provide trial offers....?
  19. inmygarage

    Q: how much can be tracked past a referrer link?

    I send traffic from my site through a button click with a redirect link --> mysite. com/goto affiliate link 1. can the affiliate program manager see which other sites from my website they have visited before the went to the redirect link? I am obviously not interested in that. 2. If i link to...
  20. MrBlackjackHat

    Looking For Referrer For NoipFraud

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can act as as referrer for me and get me Noipfraud.
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