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Jun 10, 2018
Hello, I'm trying to setup several instagram accounts to start promote them and earn cash in CPA.

First mistake I made few days ago was buying .com domain and I just directly redirected it to CPA url and put into bio, the domain get blocked by IG in few moments. Didn't know about that, cuz I haven't really done much in IG marketing before, there were a few exceptions in 2018 when I was trying to F/UF method with purchased accounts that had built-in prelanders.

Also one time i created IG account myself from zero and then I just inserted the domain to bio.
The domain was not blocked at the time and that account is still in my hands, probably because of IG didn't know that affiliate URL - that's why I was thinking that pre-lander/cloaking is not mandatory today.

So I went through some forums to find a solution to my problem with direct redirection and found AdvertSafe, which is working cool, but after 3 days probably my trial expired and now they wish 150€ to continue cloaking my URLs. I looked for alternative solutions and most of them are at a similar price which is a little too high for my current stage in IM.

So my questions are:
  1. Why does url cloakers are so expensive? What do they doing that simple bots/crawlers redirecting to another (safe) url is worth hundreds of dollars/euros?
  2. Is there any other (free/limited to 2-3 campaigns) solution which could help me start earning $$ and don't lose domains?
  3. Whether to do such a thing as kick off social crawler from my site is so difficult that it must cost so much money?
Annotation to #2

Free alternatives i have found so far:
  • prelander page (that I don't want to use)
  • (which works on the prelander principle)
  • code my own cloaker

Annotation to #3
I can code a similar solution but I can't believe that it's worth that much $$ today, back then in 2015/2016 i was spamming Facebook and there was just simple 3 lines of php script + .htaccess to effectively bypass Zuckerberg's crawler and my URLs were seen as for example.
Is it possible that today's instagram has introduced smarter safeguards?
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