1. FBAS-Banner-v4.0-(Final-1158-wide).png


    FBAS - Unlimited Scaling Tools
  2. LifeForRevenge

    Cloaking With Facebook Pixel ( Need Advice From Masters In BHW )

    I Love You Guys, I Need Your Advice For This Case.. SoI Have 3 Pages.. 1. White Landing Page 2. Black / Offer Landing Page 3. My Main Website Page That Sell All The Illegal Services ( Gambling Industry ) Where Should I Insert The Meta Pixel And How To Do It Correctly? Thank You
  3. Waddup

    Great Experience With Cloakerly

    Just writing a quick topic on Cloakerly and the reason I have been using them for the past year+. I left some pretty bad reviews on Cloakers as it's just something you don't want to mess around with, imagine your FB accounts all warmed up, ad spending, and even the pixel finally kicking in and...
  4. kracker1122

    Most difficult cloaking google ads issue Google Ads Expert Help Needed Who Knows Cloaking

    Hi i searched on google ( usa country ) amazon i got a sponsered ad with domain on it. How is someone running ad on google ads with domain . His advertiser verification was from vietnam some normal agency account . When i clicked on the ad it took me to some...
  5. H

    Google Ads Specialist - Forex ads (Telegram Group)

    Hey there everyone, So as the title states I am looking for a Google Ads specialist who is able to run forex ads for us. We would like 2 options to be done here: 1) We have a landing page ready which can be used in the ads. 2) But we also want our telegram group used in the google ads...
  6. mickealoschancez

    tiktok cloaking not redirecting for some people

    Hi, I had posted a while ago a topic about cloaking tiktok, I had solved this problem but I totally lost the solution :( We have retested adspect & Justcloakit and without any follow up we have in both cases a loss of traffic which in my opinion is not due to the cloaker but a configuration of...
  7. payment_presets.png


    New Adspect presets for cloaking MetaMask, Stripe, and PayPal.
  8. clo.king

    Full Tutorial | How to create a BH campaign on Google Ads

    Today we will give you the correct way to create a campaign for blackhat products on Google Ads. This tutorial will help you to promote any of these offers: Gambling offers Crypto offers CBD Offers Adult offers Nutra offers Telegram channels OnlyFans accounts Replica sites IPTV sites Let's...
  9. cloudstrife777

    Phrase match gets clicks but exact match doesn‘t.

    Hey everyone, I‘m doing google ads for gambling (cloaked) I‘m using keywords like „online casino“ The problem is, with exact match, i‘m not getting any impressions. It goes on for days. As soon as i do phrase, it works, but pretty useless since the search terms are garbage. I only found...
  10. tsm_preset.png


    The Search Monitor preset in Adspect.
  11. deppo

    ✅✅ Start Cloaking At No Extra Cost ✅✅ How to Block Unwanted Visitors in Seconds

    Retail Price $75 Request a discount code on this thread Who is this guide for? Promote a service or product that is not exactly whitehat and / or not explicitly allowed on certain platforms. Protect your page from unwanted visitors including spy tools, competitors, proxy/VPN users, scrapers...
  12. CloakBro

    ✌️ CloakBro | Cloaker for Facebook, Google and More! | Boost your Ad Account LIFESPAN ⛑

    Website | Client Area | Contact
  13. G

    Cloaking Google Ads Gambling Site India, Philippines, Korea

    Looking for someone with experience cloaking ads for this space.
  14. Adspect

    Adspect – Cloaking for Google, FB, TikTok, Bing, Yandex, and more

    Adspect – Cloaking for Google, FB, TikTok, Bing, Yandex, and more Key Features: Adspect reliably cloaks Google, Facebook, TikTok, Bing, X (Twitter), Yandex, Snapchat, Taboola, Outbrain, Google Play, App Store, and many more. Adspect blocks all kinds of website checkers: Google Safe Browsing...
  15. B

    Review about Hoax Tech cloaking tool

    please give me a review on hoax tech tool. I am learning about it to use for google ads!
  16. M

    Website cloaking regarding Stripe

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for a solution to cloak my websites from Stripe, I want Stripe to consider website A which is the legal one to be the one responsible for sales while I bring sales from my digital product websites. If anyone has any solution please help me!
  17. N

    Cloaking Google Ads 2024

    can anyone recommend for me cloaking for Google Ads 2024?
  18. N

    I'm looking for someone can make white page for cloaking

    Please share your portfolio or work details. It would be great if you could make a Korean page. But it's okay if it's not. Or, it would be great if we could create a copy site. pm
  19. adspectBHW.jpg

    adspectBHW.jpg promo banner.
  20. CloakBro

    [GUIDE] How to fire Pixel Event when using a Cloaker

    What's up, guys! Let's talk about Pixel events, why they are important, and how to set them up when you're using a cloaker. What are Pixel events? Pixel events are crucial for your Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook uses data from your pixel to optimize your ads and find better audiences...
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