social media advertising

  1. alphamaterx

    FX Budget Campaign

    I would like to ask for your answers and opinions on the following: 1. For a FX-brand, would a initial budget of $1000 a month be sufficient to run a lead-gen ad-campaign? 2. What type of results would this budget bring (lead gen estimate volume)? Let me know what you think please. Thanks!

    Lead generation help needed.

    Hello Guys. I want to ask what is the best way to generate leads of the people who are interested in buying male enhancing products. This is nutra cateogory. i used to buy leads from someone but they are not generating it anymore. Details i need minimum. Full Name, Phone number, Address...
  3. itsmejames7

    Any social media expert here ?

    I have a content downloading website (for movies and web series). I have decent traffic of about 5k per day. But as per human nature, I want more traffic. So I am thinking to share my website on Facebook and Instagram through paid promotions. Now here comes my question, Can we share piracy...
  4. R

    Jarvee Expert needed

    Hello, I am looking for a professional user in automated marketing software like "Jarvee" and "Socinator" to guide and consult me about the benefits and limitations for different social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and usage of different types of proxies...
  5. K

    Social media mentions

    Looking for a service that can share some of my posts on social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you know a service that can provide that please dm me :)
  6. gunslinger88

    How do you collect emails using social media?

    I'm building a Facebook page, Instagram page and a Facebook group in the science and education niche, it's all white hat stuff i'm growing slowly but i've yet to think of a method to extract emails using social media without redirecting my audience to other website. I'm currently not selling...
  7. GringoMonkey

    Looking for A Social Media Ad Manager

    Hi, I am looking for a Social Media Ad Manager to run run front end email sign up campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of the campaigns will be to drive targeted traffic to my landing pages and success will be measured on how many signups I get, at the lowest possible price...
  8. A

    Where can I promote my music to reach the right kind of audience?

    Is there any platform where I can promote my music to the right kind of audience? I have tried advertising on Facebook/Instagram but it didn't have the desired effect that I wanted. Is there any other platform that could help me promote my music to reach my target audience?
  9. krychaj5

    Why does url cloakers are so expensive?

    Hello, I'm trying to setup several instagram accounts to start promote them and earn cash in CPA. First mistake I made few days ago was buying .com domain and I just directly redirected it to CPA url and put into bio, the domain get blocked by IG in few moments. Didn't know about that, cuz I...
  10. gold service

    [2020 SEO Strategy]~Google Master Backlinks~Power Full Metrics~DA upto 90+ {Discount Offer}

    Manual 2020 SEO Strategy Google Master Backlinks Power Full Metrics DA upto 90+ Discount Offer Contact Details: EMAIL : [email protected] SKYPE : LIVE;GOLDWEBSERVICES Whats APP : +923313501654 WEBSITE : GOLDWEBSERVICES.COM Bulk Order discount is available, PM me for details. For...
  11. MasterAT

    Instagram Followers Ads Method

    There is a new service introduced within a few panels on BHW social media marketplace. NOW!! This service basically has 5k,10k,25k,30k,50k packages which get completed within one day. All the followers are Real and active users apparently. I recently a purchased 50k package for $360 and it...
  12. Eholic

    Spending $2.50 VS $5.00 on Youtube Ads.

    Hello, So I am about to run YouTube Ad but just when I thought I was ready to get started a question popped in my mind. What is the difference between spending a daily budget of $2.50 and $5.00 on YouTube Ads? (For instance, will I be able to reach more people per day if I went with the...
  13. sicounic

    ✅InfluencerHub✅ ★★ Find Influencers On YouTube, IG, and Twitter based on Keywords ★★ 50%OFF

    ONLY $197 ONE TIME --------------------------------- Special Offer **Get it Now For ONLY $67 + BHW Exclusive Discount** ORDER NOW Unlimited 50% discounted copies Available Now! Coupon Code - Depends of the week, please, reply below asking Discount Code Support -
  14. C

    Hello Everyone!

    Finally am a member of BTW. I'm new to the forum. My name is Cyed Naveed. I am a graphics designer and also a social media marketer.
  15. F

    Hey, I'm new here!

    Hey, I'm new to BHW and looking for advice to boost a skateboard brand through social media, You Tube, Increase traffic to my website and automate as much of it as possible. I have a budget of $300 give or take but mainly looking for most cost effective ways. Im already using Printful to...
  16. Dr.Manhattan

    Getting Telemarketing Leads w lead gen site

    Hi folks, I recently started a job at a telemarketing center, they sell ad space in high school level sports booklet programs( the kind for tournaments, regionals, playoffs etc). it's only been a week they have us cold calling, for the most part, I imagine its just newbie treatment. I was...
  17. zerolimit

    ★ [Premium Social Signals] From All Social Platforms | 50% OFF★

    ★ PREMIUM SOCIAL MEDIA SIGNALS ★ GIVE YOUR WEBSITE THE SOCIAL SIGNALS IT DESERVES! PRICING REFUND POLICY We will refund only if we fail to deliver the social signals within the promised time. If we failed to deliver, we will do partial refund based on how much work is pending. FAQ 1...
  18. F

    Hello, I'm a growing Digital Marketer, I'm new here

    I'm looking to gain all the knowledge on digital marketing from gurus on this forum. I'm focused on this aspects of digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Social Media Marketing. Content Marketing. Email Marketing. I'm willing...
  19. F

    Instagram Ad not delivering

    Hi guys. I'm having problems with Instagram image Ads not posting. I did some research and already checked everything but still couldn't figure out what's wrong Instagram is setup on Facebook account and selected on ads ads meet design requirements ads were approved and already getting...
  20. T

    Buying likes to rank in hashtags?

    would buying likes from a panel help me rank in hashtags? or at least some high quality authentic looking likes allow me to rank? I've bought powerlikes and it made my hashtag reach go from like 9 impressions from hashtags to 100k but i don't think the powerlikes are necessary to help me rank...
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