1. J

    Remote iPhone Service

    Hi, We've been using iPhones remotely for our marketing needs and recently started thinking about offering it as a service. Using iPhones instead of computers is obviously better since it's much harder to fingerprint the device and block it. So it's (at least in our experience) the best way to...
  2. payal23j

    Looking for a Good Programmer Who Can Make a Proxy Software or RDSL

    As stated in the title we need a programmer who has some background in creating a software for proxies or RDSL. We do not want to deal with anyone who has not done this before and we do not want to deal with anyone who does not have a history here on BHW. Should this be of interest to you...
  3. Ganie

    [WTB] Need to hire a PC on monthly basis in USA which i can access via Teamviewer

    I am looking to hire a PC or 2 which i can access anytime via teamviewer. I need the same for gmail/adwords account creating and other social media/ppc/sem work. If anyone is interested, let me know! And there should be a way to change the IP address as in DSL Connection provides free IP...
  4. C

    Giving Away USA RDSL For Free For 5 Day's (Exclusively To 5 Senior Member's)

    ✍Chuckboy is back from august holiday with lot and lot of surprises. Want to perform indepth Market research & analysis within the United States? Or would you like to post small biz ads withing Ebay classified,Kijjiji canada, watch hulu tv? With these Remote Subscription Line, you can...
  5. Adlad

    Seeking RDSL rental in UNITED KINGDOM and/or GERMANY

    Hello, I'm looking to rent a UK RDSL and a German RDSL for either weekly or monthly periods. Preferably in a large city (UK-London, Germany-Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne would be perfect). Computer must be reasonably fast, enough to run Windows 7. Price negotiable. Can offer various...
  6. R

    Looking For A NY RDSL For Rent..PlEase Read And Respond

    Hello BHW Members, I am looking to rent a NY RDSL connection. If anyone here providing such services then please respond me. Thank You N.B: Pardon me if i post this thread in a wrong section or category as i am a new member.
  7. A

    Need rDSL providers (non-standard locations)

    For Philadelphia. PA Virginia Beach. VA Norfolk. VA Newport News. VA (Anywhere in Hampton roads) Fort Lauderdale, FL or any cities surrounding Miami, FL San Jose, CA And a free trial first, please don't bother without it.
  8. Sundistasya

    How much unique IP Proxy rental/ IP rental can provide?

    I am using proxy rental IP solution but very often i get duplicate IP which is not only waste of time and resource but also very damaging for my business. I have added all the used IP to a central database and checked how much of them are unique, and found that it will not be more than 60%. so...
  9. M

    Need Reliable RDSL solution

    Need RDSL in LA / IE / SD / OC / Arizona / Washington / Utah / Oregon / Nevada / Colorado Willing to negotiate rates Please reply to me asap DO NOT WANT PROXIES OR ANYTHING ELSE
  10. J

    RDSL that allows proxy?

    Hello, anyone aware of a Remote DSL service that allows installing proxy server? Going with remote desktop is not an option for me, because I'll be running proprietary software, that I cannot risk revealing to a third-party.
  11. arplayer2k

    Solutions for dynamic ip internet for CL Marketing

    I currently have AT&T U-Verse and am looking to setup my own dsl setup with ip changer software installed for CL marketing. The problem is that I have U-Verse and they arent really a dynamic ip dsl service. I also do not have the ability to order Direct DSL from AT&T any longer since we...
  12. X

    Remote DSL

    What applications are being used to set up RDSL on Linux or Windows? I can tunnel into a computer I set up at the house but once I reboot, it's lights out.
  13. U

    Need RDSL - Anyone have??

    I need RDSL, please have decent computer with decent amount of ram. PM me
  14. S

    Remote DSL for Youtube?

    Hey everybody :) Do you have some experience with use rdsl for YouTube things? I'm not sure what is better for manage like few thousands accounts at same time, so what is your opinion rdsl or many socks4/5? Last thing, how much accounts per 1 proxy u use? Im testing now many variations soon I...
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