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  1. 0verflow

    ✅ Brand Overflow ✅ All-in-one SEO Suite ⭐ Replace all your SEO Tools ⭐

    Platform Features: Agency-Ready White-Label Reports Shareable Reports via Public link Fresh Data on every query 100k+ locations for Tracking Shareable report DEMO: https://reports.brandoverflow.com/rank-tracker/5f995d6113448a00116109be Refund Policy: 14 days. If possible, do give us a chance...
  2. KlaudiaK

    What's your thoughts on Zutrix ?

    So I sen the ads advertised on BHW, decided to check em out and tbh, super impressed! I was using serpbook before until whatever happened with them and keyword.com mirging or whatever but i stopped using them and was using serprobot which kinda works but tbh, i never really like it... have you...
  3. Asterix1990

    ⭐ Zutrix | Intelligent Google Rank Tracker ❇️ Flawless Accuracy & Speed, Sharable Reports, Telegram & Slack Notifications ⭐50% EXCLUSIVE BHW OFF⭐

    FAQ What are the payment options? We accept all credit and debit cards. How can I contact Zutrix? You can reach us out through [email protected] or contact form here: https://zutrix.com/contact Can I make a Feature Request? We do have a large software development team that can implement your...
  4. ranga

    [Method] Cheap and Easy Rank Tracking

    Hi, Most of us need to track a large number of keywords and many are paying for premium rank tracking service. Premium Rank Tracking is necessary to track most important keywords but the costs pinch when we need to track large number of long tail keywords. I tried many methods to track the...
  5. A

    SEO Powersuite - Search algo updates Subscription

    Hi Last year I purchased the SEO powersuite for lifetime access at a fixed price. However, it's been 6 months now and they have sent an email informing that the search algo updates have expired and I need to renew the algo updates subscription. My concern is that these algo updates are...
  6. Chris.Roark

    Who uses a rank tracker?

    Hi guys, Do you use a rank tracker? And so, which one? I know that most SEO tools have a rank tracker feature, but how many actually use it?
  7. ProRankTracker

    [From the creators of ProRankTracker] Rankitor.com: Simple&Powerful SERP Rank Monitor. Starting $5/m

  8. knwldgeskr

    Parasites disappeared from search [Any Idea Why?]

    Hey everybody! Lately I have been experimenting with ranking parasites to get extra $$ and some of my articles just disappear from search results. - all articles are published on medium - did some link-building - articles are still indexed if you use site: query - each keyword is golden...
  9. SEO Ways

    [BETA TESTERS] Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

    I have been working on a new keyword research tool which now is a working prototype, while I'm still adding more features to it and I thought that it might be good to ask for the feedback about the tool from the community before officially launching it here on BHW. Requirements: 1) You'll need...
  10. Bizzclue

    Which tool is free for check ranking?

    Which tool is free for check ranking? but I need trusted tools for rank tracking.
  11. Dankmemez

    Scrapebox Rank Tracker - Worth it?

    As you may know, there are many different types of rank trackers ranging from SerpBook, SerpLab, and other keyword checkers. SB-R-T is a one-off payment compared to others which have a monthly fee. I was wondering if anyone uses Scrapbox Rank Tracker on a consistent basis? If you have what's...
  12. O

    Looking for a good working rank tracker

    Hi guys, I am looking for a tool that helps me track the rankings of many keywords on a daily basis. I'm talking 30.000 keywords at the moment but the number will increase. The tool needs to collect adequate ranking data from Germany, Austria an Switzerland and provide the possibility to...
  13. coldice

    Track Your Website Rank on Google Chrome - Fast & Easy

    I just found a chrome extension which you can use to track your website rank for a particular keyword. Its fast & efficient and you don't need to visit any external site to track you site/page rank. Link...
  14. Cyberars

    [Tool] How to Track your YouTube Videos Ranking with SerpBook

    Hi all, Since many asked about the rank track service i used on [METHOD] INSTANT Re-Rank Trick for De-Ranked YouTube Videos (also since it's a great idea for my community service thread ;)) i want to recommend this tool i use every day for tracking my youtube videos ranking, first, i must...
  15. N

    Keyword Ranking Tool - Beta

    Hi I don't know if this is the right category to post but here it goes I am working on a desktop keyword rank checker/tracking tool. It is a PHP based app that you can run on your machine (windows/linux or mac) and so far I have got few screens done 1. Multiple URLs or sites can be monitored...
  16. S

    Looking for A Rank Tracker for 25+ Sites

    And I need it to do some specific stuff - I'm hoping you can throw some names at me and I'll gladly check them out and let you know how they fair. I need between 1500-3000 words ideally, and I want to see the averages for both the local map pack and organic listings separately. Also, I would...
  17. W9go

    SB - Ranktracker

    i am not using my SB so much any more ... so i don't have private proxies all the time. i also have a rank tracker, but i want track more kw .. so i was thinking about SB my questions (not answered after seeing the video from loopline ;) ) - can i use the rank tracker without proxies ... with...
  18. memomedo2018

    I want The "Rank Traker v8.5.3" cracked

    I want a way to crack the rank tracker tool? is there any video, or tutorial for that!
  19. nichexposure

    Best Rank Tracker (Need Suggestion)

    Hello All, Take my greetings. I need a suggestion for tracking the keywords. I used Moz, SERPLAB, SERPFOX, SERPBOOk and few others. But all are not accurate. Like when Moz is showing not in top 50 that time SERPLAB showing at 33 while SERPFOX is showing 17. So need to know which one is the...
  20. skeye

    [SEO tools] Huge discount on keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking and site audit.

    Hi, folks. Just in case someone is looking for any of the above, there's a great deal that has been offered to me today via newsletter. Tool in question - Serpstat. It's a keyword research tool which I'm a fan of and I've written a couple of posts here about it's uses, like the one about Quick...