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Oct 29, 2016
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Hey everybody!

Lately I have been experimenting with ranking parasites to get extra $$ and some of my articles just disappear from search results.

- all articles are published on medium
- did some link-building
- articles are still indexed if you use site: query
- each keyword is golden ratio keyword

For example:
One article was in top3 results on the first day after getting indexed which later dropped to 3rd page. Bought social links and PBN links, not a lot. After one week I am happy and see my post one the second page 2d result. Two weeks later articles are not on any page (I went through manually) but they are still indexed.

Ammm...any ideas? Should I wait or republish it somewhere else? I am kinda confused.

Plus: maybe some of you guys know keyword tracking tool for specific URL?

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Aug 1, 2019
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So most commonly, the parasites are used in a churn and burn technique - due to the high authority and 'freshness' of the info, the search engine gave priority to listing that piece of info on their site as the info is very new from a high authority site. But then once the info becomes old news after X days, then their algorithm would recalculate the ranking and rank it differently - these will be the long term ranking thereafter. You can still continuously churn links to that parasite - I've managed to maintain some parasites for up to 3 months, then if the backlinks are shallow, the parasite will of course not rank well after that.