affiliae marketing

  1. S

    500 Free subreddit members! [Review Copy]

    We are giving 500 Free subreddit members! If you are interested reply to this post
  2. ekuin0x

    Best free bulk email sender ?

    I am looking for the best free bulk email sender, Looking for handling 100k emails for free if possible. What free email sender do you use ?
  3. C

    Looking For Google PPC and Meta Affiliates to work on CPA deal

    Hi to all, I am looking for agencies/individuals which can run Google PPC and Meta ads on affiliate basis on CPA deal. About brand: it is build on popular CRM for casino industry, 4 years old with main GEOs DE, AU, NZ, CA, BR, AT, CH, NO. Site have really unique bonus structure (basically...
  4. Adsexpert

    Google Ads CPC for Nutra Niche

    hello, the CPC for Google Ads in affiliate networks like clickbank seems to be very high. CPC seems to be around 3-4 Dollars. Is there any way to lower this? How do you make profit
  5. barber

    FB Ads + Affiliate marketing?

    Do you have experience with affiliate products (CPS) that you sell by Facebook Ads? Do you have some tips? For SEO we need more time for new project and it isnt scalable in firsts months :)
  6. ekuin0x

    How and where to sell bulk email lists of specified niches ?

    I scraped websites and collected around 300k emails. Are there people who would be interested in buying them and where can I find them?
  7. SEO Duke

    Affiliate Links in Parasite

    Is it safe to include direct affiliate links, such as Amazon affiliate links, in parasite pages? I observed some articles where Amazon links are incorporated.
  8. figaro03240

    How to Promote My Affiliate Program?

    I recently created a "Python in 30 Days for Beginners" course. I would like to provide affiliate links for people who will promote it and earn about $60 per sale (60%). How should I promote this program? How do you promote yours? Any specific sites, or do you reach out directly to YouTubers /...
  9. D

    Reddit for clickbank

    currently in the process of getting an automated reddit bot for DM and comments and upvoting etc. I have the option of being able to create accounts and use these accounts for DM and comments, or buy aged accounts and DM spam and comment spam with them. It would obviously seem more organic and...
  10. Ericktips

    What do you think about Rapid Profit Machine (RPM)

    Hey, has anyone here tried the Rapid Profit Machine software? I've been hearing some buzz about it, and I'm curious if it's worth checking out. #software #productreview
  11. L

    What Affiliate networks are there where you can get started quickly?

    I am currently looking for another affiliate marketing network where you can get started quickly without spending hours filling out forms. I recently signed up with Commission Junction, but there is a lot to fill out before you can get started. You can't start before you have filled out tax...
  12. A

    Help with knowledge in promoting CPAGrip links ...

    Hi, I've been trying to promote my CPAGrip links for many days, but I haven't gotten any leads. I've tried everything from posting promotions on Twitter, on forums, to sending DMs, nothing has worked. Therefore, I am looking for a free method, in which I can get better results in my CPAGrip...
  13. D

    facebook group growing spam method

    hey guys i want to ask about some fast fb group growing up , i see some groups when i check last week joined i fount more then 9k or 12k joined last week and group posts only 30 per day so no way its legal i think there is spam method anyone have idea
  14. nadeer2004

    Affiliate marketing network that provides CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with a trustable Affiliate marketing network that provides a CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)
  15. M

    pinterest affiliate marketing

    need your advice i just started a pinterest page in the crafts niche it's been 3 weeks and i have around 130k views but not sure how to monetize in this niche, any tips??
  16. yanminis


    Hey guys, I'm trying to get back in the game after being away for more than 10 years in the SEO game. I just bought a french site last week: [URL Removed] a site about electric scooters or Trottinette Electrique. Here are some of the stats on the site: The rise in traffic was due to being...
  17. Mig56

    Double Bidding

    Good evening everyone. I hope all of you are well. I am in this situation. I work on affiliate marketing using threshold google account. The business is doing well and it's time to scale the business. I read in the forum that using two gads accounts on the same domain I risk being banned. What...
  18. E

    Crypto Vertical Affiliate Marketing

    Hello everyone, So let me introduce myself, i am Emir, have been in this industry since January, i’ve been operating as an affiliate master for 2-3 months already. While doing this, i closed deals(on prepay)with several networks, brands, for 2-3 networks that i have been working with. So now i...
  19. Cespecti

    ➡️⬅️✅Service for gathering your own base of push-subscribers| ✅Additional monetization of your traffic| ✅Fre... is a push notification service that allows you to both collect your own base of subscribers and send them an unlimited number of notifications. Created with affiliate marketers in mind, the service helps you send push notification signup requests to all users who visit your landing...
  20. A

    Getting accepted into WIX affiliate program

    I hope you're all doing good , I intend to be an affiliate for the website builder WIX but they specify in the requirements for the approval that you own a website and they have pretty strict criteria they look for when checking it, I don't have a website, and that's because its not the way I...
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