affiliae marketing

  1. courses_retailer

    Clickbank vs Jvzoo vs woriorrplus

    Hello BHW I just wanna ask about the best affiliate networks for wealth niche I prefer warrior plus What about you guys
  2. odyssee

    My 2022 Earnings With 3 Years Of Experience

    Hey guys, my alias is Odyssey and I've been making money online for about 3 years now. I've been reading here for a while and wanted to introduce myself. Currently I am 23 years old, born in Germany and I still live here with the goal to move to a country with a higher quality of life. The...
  3. ficistays

    Tik Tok ;(

    Hello guys just want to share something ive made an acc od tik tok abouth weight loss posted few videos abouth it and my 3rd video went viral in 5hrs but i didnt have 1k followers to put aff link with landing page and my acc wasnt created based on the usa i dont have USA SIM CARD and my...
  4. S

    How to Promote CPAGrip offers to get Leads

    Hello, I've joined CPAGrip for the simple reason that it's easy to join. The big problem that am facing is i can't figured it out how to get consistant income from it. I know that the most importnat thing in CPA offers is to get targeted traffic to complete those offers. So a made an ebook in...
  5. courses_retailer

    affiliate marketing and CPA

    Hey there I just wanna ask for some help from experts in affiliate marketing if you like to share with me some tips and tricks to especially start free traffic
  6. courses_retailer

    advice to a beginner in affiliate marketing and CPA

    since you are an expert in affiliate marketing and CPA what is the most common advice would you give to a beginner affiliate like some free traffic methods and other tricks and hacks
  7. F

    Facebook RPA Marketing Tool

    Take the liberty to disturb the boss, ❇I wonder if the boss has the following problems? Virtual currency can't find a customer? Forex broker can't find traders? Gambling can't find an effective way to add new website registration? Recruitment and no new employees? Cross-border e-commerce...
  8. MehtaM

    Ethics of promoting Health & Nutra products in affiliate marketing?

    People who promote Health & Nutra offers what ethics do you follow while promoting the products? What if a bad product causes harm to the customer? How do you make sure that the product is legit or not?
  9. L

    Ways to make money with my Pinterest Food audience

    I have a Pinterest account, i share recipe videos I have over 3.5k followers and 1.6Millions monthly views I tried keto affiliate recipe but it doesn’t work The conversation rate is low And I think maybe my audience isn’t interested in this kind a stuff And i have i idea to create a e-commerce...
  10. korosho

    1ST DAY IN CPA - Hard to convert; how are you tracking the point to optimize?

    So i explain it real quick: I have a spanish offer; getting 450 visit & 187 click on my offer but 0 leads generated. My push ads is straight to my offers:: My preview offer: So once user click on my ads, he is directly redirected to the...
  11. SEO Duke

    Positive Changes in Ranking?

    Recently one of my sites ranking positions are getting back,which was hitted badly in may update. Does anyone else also see this kind of changes?
  12. D

    How to join affiliate network/program without a website?

    I have a strategy for affiliate marketing that I think will work very well, however, I do not own a website nor do I oversee a big social media account. Most affiliate networks require you to own a website in order to get approved (or big social media). My question is if someone knows how you...
  13. S

    What campaigns to promote on TikTok? (Andrew Tate/Self-improvement theme)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a question for the more advanced. I have an account on TikTok with a theme of Andrew Tate/Self Development/Discipline etc., and I was wondering what kind of affiliate programs I could promote. The account reaches from 2k to 200k views. Thanks in advance for...
  14. afrabby

    How you'll sell this?

    Hello, i know now i'm going to ask a question that so many people don't interested to answer. Specially share their methods they know or they are succussed at. But still, i want to know. My Questions are: If i gives you an Product link (Affiliate link of any Network) how you will sell this...
  15. SEO Duke

    What To Do With This Kind Of Site?

    A site which is hitted badly in google update.
  16. HavanaSun

    How to earn Affiliate with OnlyFans Models?

    I have some women who want me to use my Twitter marketing techniques to boost their sales. Is there any way to track who signed up over my link? How could such an setup look like? Is it even possible to track this? The plan is to earn 20% off of every subscription they get through me.
  17. O

    Question for cpa professionals

    I shortened an affiliate program link through and the affiliate program says that I have an empty referrer and what could be the problem? I tried different sites for shortening links and three affiliate programs already say that there is no referrer. How can I make them transfer the referrer?
  18. SEO Duke

    Another Update!

    So google bring another product review update!!!
  19. B

    fake comments

    i can build a a landing page for cpa offers but my conversion is very low so iam thinking of creating fake comments on that landing page but i dont no how to do that can anyone give me some suggestion also iam pls no paid , even iam using ggogle site for landing page
  20. sgsgsg2323

    Hiring - We need affiliates through Youtube

    The headline says it all. We need to acquire new affiliates. Our preference is Youtube but if you know or have ways let us know, we are open to offers. We are an agency, offering 30% unlimited recurring revenue. Please only get in touch if you are already experienced.