affiliae marketing

  1. D

    Stripcash choose PPL

    Hello, In stripcash page I read that you can choose between revshare and PPL. I registered my account but I can’t find anything where I can choose the plan I prefer but it seems by default it uses revshare. How can I get the link for ppl instead? I emailed the support but after 24h I haven’t...
  2. so2lis

    Looking for someone to generate leads

    Looking for someone who knows how to generate leads for people that are looking for “Debt Help, Debt Advice or any form of Debt Management” in United Kingdom. I will pay well for quality leads, either by pay per lead, marketing funding, affiliate CPA or revenue share. You cannot generate the...
  3. A

    Affiliate Secret 3.0 Rahul mannan.

    Affiliate Secret 3.0 Rahul mannan full tutorial.
  4. H

    Affiliate Marketing With Paid ADS I Is It Going To Work?

    Hi there, I passed by some YouTube videos that explain some affiliate marketing methods. Promoting offers using Google/Bing search ads. Let's say you sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program, you get your affiliate link, and you promote it using paid ads under the keyword: Bluehost. Let's say...
  5. M

    is it really that adsense will ban my websites?

    Hey Guys, i want to start aff marketing i have my .com domain linked to a blogger , the domain is approved to adsense , i have 2 question Please : 1 : which Aff program do you recommand? 2: i have the domain approved for google ads already if add affiliate links inside blogger is it will be...
  6. M

    journey to 10k/month

    after failing in my last journey i'm back with new realistic journey my goal is going from 0 to 10k usd per month in one year Plan i'm lunching 5 websites and i'll do all the work from writing articles to backlinks i don't have that much experience in seo so i'll learn a lot in this journey...
  7. P

    How Much Money Do You all Make Doing This (srs)?

    Hi all, I currently make $80k/yr in web dev. There is no advancement at my company. I've been crazy busy interviewing for other jobs but haven't had success and the rejection after so much interview prep is soul crushing. I'm pondering given adult affiliate marketing/webcamming a spin, alot of...
  8. Negi Ji

    Not feeling Productive :( :(

    Hey guys, Hope you all are doing well. I just want to ask you guys what you guys are doing to stay productive? like what things you are doing when you are starting to keep the consistency. I don't know why but I always left most of my things in half and started doing other things which is a...
  9. Cedis

    Mobidea Affiliate interface wasn't what i expected.

    So i signed up for mobidea affiliate program, as an affiliate. And up till now the whole interface is confusing and is not what I expected, because they were no option for offers or can't find offers. Could only see Signups & Payments. Here's a picture of what mine looks like. PLEASE HELP
  10. Black_Tiger

    How To Promote Adult/Dating Offer? What Is The Easiest Method If I Have No Adult Site Or mainstream

    I Hope You All Tell The easiest Way...... We Know That,Now A Days Adult Promoting Is The Big Industry For Earning Money. Because All Human Have interest For this. Maybe We Can Generate Money From Adult Related Blog,adult health products sell etc.
  11. Alpha-Legion

    [FIRST JOURNEY] - Launching my Amazon Affiliate Website - FR

    Hi, I'm quite new here on BHW. So let me introduce myself to begin. Who am I ? I'm a french man in the second half of his '20. I've been studying marketing and digital for almost 2 years at school and been in several jobs before I consider starting an IM journey. After seeing and following...
  12. A

    Terms and Conditions for my Affiliate Program. How to get it right? NEED ADVISE!

    Hello Guys! My name is Alex, I am an SEO + product manager for multiple products. Usually, I know what to do and how to do it but I kinda hit a wall now. So, there is a business focused on selling courses (USA based company) and we are now looking to launch an affiliate program to sell more...
  13. FinestCPA

    Profit Pixels - In-House Forex/Crypto/Trading CPA Deals | Weekly Payouts | CPA up to $1000 | Prelanders

    Profit Pixels is a provider of in-house Forex/Crypto/Trading CPA deals for almost all GEOs. We’ve implemented a machine-learning algorithm that automatically detects the most suitable call-center for your traffic according to GEO, language, time, and traffic source, sending your traffic there...
  14. Tall_Mike

    Has Anybody Created Their Own Clickbank Prodcuct?

    If so, what was your experience with it? How did it turn out overall?
  15. madakalark

    Target audience

    Dear gurus, I am planning to start a affiliate website, targeting US audience. Actually I am from India. How can I target US people. Thanks
  16. CyberCommander

    best affiliate program for an online shop?

    Hi guys A friend of mine have an online shop and sell glasses. Now he asked me if I could help him with an affiliate program. He wanna create a self affiliate program like "Refersion", that everyone can create easy an account and make marketing for him (influencer, publishers etc.). And he...
  17. C

    Authority Hacker Pro Open's Up Tomorrow (and they have just dropped this bomb)

    OK, I have been on the fence and waiting for the doors to reopen for Authority Hacker Pro and tomorrow is the day :) They released this video less than 24 hours ago and it's golden! and I think this will help anybody out looking to find a niche to get started.
  18. rockshuvo

    100K Follower - What should i do?

    I have 100K Follower in my FB page. My most of the visitors coming from Asia (India, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand) less is US, UK . I had monetization but after new update My monetization is gone... Now what should i do with this followers ?
  19. rajputt65

    Any suggestions on top paying affiliate programs for france audience?

    Hello All, I' m bit curious to know about the best paying affiliate programs specifically for France audience. My most of the keywords are ranking well in france so I'm looking forward to get best rates as per my visitors count. Although, I'm using Adsense already on the same website but not...
  20. S

    Porn Reupload Method Update Need

    Hello guys, I was following the porn reupload method. I had uploaded almost 200 videos. But now I can see I can not upload videos with new accounts. They are asking for verification first then upload videos. Now I need suggestion to choose the best tube sites to upload porn easily and get...