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  1. F

    Scrapebox rank tracker

    Hi, Is anyone using Scrapebox Rank Tracker for their rankings? If yes, have you experienced any problem recently? I can't get any results anymore (even with brand new proxies) Thanks!
  2. phuningenji

    [BETA TESTERS] Upcoming Simple & Efficient Rank Tracker

    Beta Test Our Rank Tracker I'm looking for reliable users to beta test the new rank tracker that I've been working on. This rank tracker is intended to be very efficient, user friendly, and budget friendly. If you're interested, post in this thread. What Does It Do Our tool can track your...
  3. devnetbox

    kwfinder vs rank tracker vs long tail platinum?

    Just wondering, what have been your experiences with these tools, specifically with competition analysis?
  4. R

    Best Rank Tracker with API Access

    Hello All. I'm new here and looking to really ramp up SEO efforts. Looking for the best rank tracker that ALSO has API availability that we can tie in to our in-house client portal. I see serpbook is a good contender...any others you can recommend?
  5. meln

    [BETA TEST] LightSERP - Ultra fast Google rank tracker - NO subscription needed!

    LightSERP was designed to fill a need not currently met by other rank trackers. We grew tired of expensive, over-engineered services and decided to launch an extremely light weight Google rank tracker, with a heavy focus on being flexible and affordable. Instead of the regular monthly...
  6. M

    RankRanger vs RankTranker what do you think?

    I have been using RankTracker for quite a while now, I have been quite happy despite all the crashes and bugs. I came accros this new tool, Rank Ranger and I would like to now if anyone is using it, what are the pros and cons compared to Rank Tracker? Would you recommend it ?
  7. kochhansie

    checking rank of youtube videos in google and extensions

    Good day I am in need of a rank tracker that can track youtube videos on youtube but more importantly google and google extensions like google.ca. Are there any trackers like this, I currently use proranktracker and serpfox. Thanks in advance.
  8. B

    Online rank tracker - SEO-Station.net

    Hi. I'd like to present a new (but only in the English version as it was created 5 years ago in Poland) tool SEO-Station.net that: allows you to track local results in Google; alerts you about significant drops in rankings, number of pages indexed in Google and about every change of PR...
  9. azguru

    [NEED SUGGESTIONS] What do YOU want to see in an online Rank Tracker?

    What kind of features do you want to see in an online rank tracker? No idea is too far fetched, and all input is very much appreciated!
  10. J

    How to use Gsa CB with SEO Powersuite for Captchas??

    I use seo powersuite a lot and as you know they only have one option for captcha service. I wanted to know if there is a way for gsa cb to solve the captchas, if so, how? Thank you for your help?
  11. J

    Recommend an accurate Rank Tracker that offers API

    Can someone recommend an accurate rank tracker that offers API? Also how much is the api usage?
  12. Z

    How to check SERP rankings for any keyword?

    I would like to know how the pages on my sites rank for any keyword. So if any of my pages rank on the second or third page for a keyword or phrase which has a reasonable volume I could promote it to the first page increasing the volume of 'accidental' traffic. I know such tool does exist, I...
  13. S

    Rank Tracker results vary wildly!

    I've been using the rank tracker in seo powersuite to track a MNS of mine for a month or so and everything has been going fine until today. I checked it today and it said I don't rank in the top 100 results. I then changed the search range to 150 and it again came back with no ranking. I then...
  14. C

    [GET] Free Bottopias Rank Tracker v0.1b

    Hey guys happy valentines day just thought to share the love with everyone by finishing and releasing this tool ahead of schedule. Please understand that this is the first beta so expect to find a few bugs (I didn't even have time to add an icon to it LOL). Please report any bugs in this thread...
  15. lanbo

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ Keyword.com (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    100% Accurate and Reliable GOOGLE + YAHOO + BING Rank Tracking! STILL NOT CONVINCED? White Label Support
  16. websitesareus

    [Fix] How to make SEO Suite Rank Tracker & Spyglass work with the latest Google changes

    Here is how you can fix the current problem that the cracked versions of Link Assist SEO Suite Rank Tracker and Spyglass don't show Google results (after the Google change on Jan 26 2012): Basically, both programs will update themselves to the latest Google updates and start working fine again...
  17. S

    Fresh, Current Content Killed Rankings?

    AHHHHH... so I had several sites ranked well for some pretty heavy keywords. I updated the on-site content to keep things relevant (these are online ticket broker sites that sell tickets to sports events, etc... the content needs to be updated regularly to keep it current in terms of sports...
  18. AdisLCS

    Looking For Rank Checker for Previous Dates

    Is there a tool/software/script that can check archives for ranks. What I want is type in keyword and url and get rankings for the past. For example example - example.com 9/1/2011 = 4th 8/1/2011 = 17th 7/1/2011 = 21th etc anything like that out ? Thanks in advance
  19. 6

    organic search & places rank tracker?

    I sure am learning a lot here. Thanks to all of you that contribute so much knowledge and experience. I had a client ask if there was a program that tracks organic search and places rankings. Does something like that exist? TIA
  20. nemsis

    [ SEO Rank Tracking Tool] Need testers and suggestions

    Hello blackhatters, Due to the recent market samurai problems, I decided to create my own rank tracker/keyword research tool (the keyword research part is not available for testing yet). Screenshots http://www.assetmetrics.org/screenshots/AssetMetrics_1305552038359.png...