rank drop

  1. boaob2011

    Sudden rank drop google update today?

    Someone experienced this today? sudden rank drop then returning to normal. This is from my adult tubesite. tier 3 countries
  2. D

    Google sends me a fixed amount of traffic regardless of ranking

    I've been noticing a weird trend lately with my traffic from Google. I have about a dozen keywords that generate the majority of traffic for a site. 3 of these rank #1. Each time I have gained the #1 spot, the traffic for that post increases but decreases for everything else, even though no rank...
  3. E

    16/10/19 BOOM, traffic drop to almost 0, still indexed, no penalty in GCS, cause/need help?

    https://pasteboard.co/IRsJGsc.png Site is 5 months old, each page has unique 2500 word content, optimized, site speed is 1.7 sec, always high quality whitehat link building has been done, did site audits in ahrefs and semrush with +90 score, no penalties in GSR, ... no idea what caused it or...
  4. Branx59

    Is this a penalty? Did the local update hit me?

    I didn't really know where to post this but I figured i'd just ask here. One of my clients main sites seem to have taken a massive hit overnight. A lot of keywords are down, a few are up. This is a brick and mortar business that provides services to a local area. Should I ride it it out...
  5. Eki Lamoh

    Ranking Drops After a Backlink(It's Been 1 Month)

    Hey guys..As the title says..One of my blog post's ranking drops right after I bought a guest post backlink from a high authority site. It's a genuine guest post. I have done my own outreach and they asked me $70 for a ******** link. I've waited until today(It's been more than a month) and the...
  6. R

    why my rankings got droped?

    Most of the keyword of my site my rankings have been dropped. yes, I've done some changes on my site and these are: Shifted from one host to another changed position of h3 titles of all posts changed theme(after which my site speed 70% increased) Some more little tweaks what could be the main...
  7. akr007

    Hit By Recent Google Algo? What to Do?

    Hello experts! Have you experienced a significant number of traffics drop recently? I have an electronics based niche site, and I had around 10 keywords in the first place and many in 1-5th positions. From around 5th December, my keywords started to lose their rankings and traffic dropped...
  8. Rank wizard Ltd

    Massive drops of Amazon aff. site ranks after Aug'18

    Hi, Saleh here. For about last one year, Amazon affiliate sites had been facing massive ranking drops along with traffic and earnings. Starting with Medic Update in Aug'18, it kept continuing till date. Though some of them recovered in the September update. But the whole scenario is still...
  9. akr007

    Sudden Visitor Drop [up 50%]: Google Update? How to Recover it?

    Hey guys, Did you experience a sudden visitor drop in your site's analytic stat? Ranking for the keywords is almost unchanged. [At least by no way indicative of 53% visitor drop] But visitors dropped 53% and earnings decreased to 70%! :( What kinda update is this? And how are you handling it...
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