1. S

    SQL Query for wp_posts Wordpress

    I want a query that finds the first occurrence of "Word" in each post_content field, replaces it with a hyperlink. This did not work My posts are in draft.
  2. P

    Do Swiss Companies have TAN numbers ? if not, what's the similar ID they use ? (w.r.t. TAN number in India)

    Just want to know, what's similar ID Swiss companies use where we use TAN number in India ?
  3. imccafey

    GoTranscribe Test Quiz - is it too ambitious to think I'll ever pass?

    So I had been working my brains off to pass the preliminary quiz on GoTranscript for completing and proceeding forward as an applicant and it seems quite impossible to get them to say "Yeah you passed!". I've read their guidelines to the word and I've attempted the exam 10 times yet everytime...
  4. Tiles Perth

    Is Writing A Content About 600 Words Still Great For Blogging?

    I am aware of the fact that SEO always the content which has more than 1000 words on it and in some articles or blogs I read that today bloggers write more than 2000 words article for making it more SEO-Friendly which is very hard for me to write and I do not understand why? I know that long...
  5. K

    How to gather URL to documents from a google search

    Hi all, For the last few weeks I have tried to develop a Python based tool to retrieve URLs to documents from the search engines by requesting queries like: "site:www.example.com filetype:pdf". Then parse the HTML and extract the link. There is a point where I get an error "429: too many...
  6. c0copops

    Laptop suggestions?

    I usually use a computer (what im using to type this) but i am in need of a laptop for a club I am going to start attending. What laptops do you use and what would you recommend?
  7. KJREDDY247@

    My query on BHW coming in 3 place on search engine

    I posted a thread on BHW 3 days back regarding hosting comparison now it's showing up in 3rd place on bing for the same keywords, ( i hope my website rank this fast on search engines;) )
  8. Danny Crypto

    About posting hashtags

    Is it necessary to have your hashtags in the caption can't we post them in other comment of the same post after posting picture? Like here hashtags are in other comment after posting the picture. Is it okay to have it in this way or hashtags should be in the caption only?
  9. ShiningWarrior

    Need hosting recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for hosting recommendation for my blog. I was looking at 1and1 and the whole internet is against them haha. I wanted to get bluehost but I am a bit short of startup funds. Then wanted to get namecheap but people say that namecheap hosting is not good. They are good for domain...
  10. V

    Issue with followliker..

    Hello, when I restart my followliker I noticed that in activity log this phrase appears: scraping/finding followers of user: (my username) .. [my usernames] is it normal? I was convinced that query username should appears.. Let me know :) Best regards, Valerio
  11. C

    (QUERY) FB Ads and Dropshipping - Multiple Items

    Hey guys, So I've been reading a lot recently about dropshipping items related to a niche, gaining traffic and then ultimately sales through facebook ads. Now the main strategy (simplified) I've seen seems to be the following: 1. Set up a facebook page 2. Set up a related shopify store + list...
  12. C

    (Query) IG Buying Followers - Avoiding attention from IG?

    Hi there, this is my first proper post on the forum so please excuse if anything is incorrect/in the wrong place etc! I've started experimenting with buying followers and likes today on one of my tester instagram accounts. I was wondering if anybody knows a ballpark figure for the maximum...
  13. Y

    Follow Liker QUERY

    Guys is good to add to much querys in Followliker to get followers or just few querys , and what is the best to have active followers : chose people who comment in a similar page or people who follow a similar page ?) , im trying to promote a Clickbank Product in my IG account :3 ... thanks You...
  14. The Curator

    How to Create a Query Generator on My Website

    Had a couple of questions; What does it cost to do something like this? https://www.optimizesmart.com/10000-search-engine-queries-for-your-link-building-campaign/ http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-query-generator What script would something like this be created in? Appreciate any insight!
  15. martlkr

    On a Mission To Learn And Share

    Hello everybody, just joined the BHW forum and already getting the feeling that it is the right place to learn and grow. I have been into content writing for a while and still trying hard to get all the insights of internet marketing to be precise. Would be great if anybody can share some tip...
  16. pichai

    Will income tax officer will not ask me about income on pan card in india?

    Any indian users help me?
  17. pichai

    Earn Money From Adult Niche Legal Or Not In India?

    help me i had adult niche site.comes some money from this site. a question raise me. that question above. anyone help me
  18. G

    FollowLiker - Do I need to enter hashtags when entering Queries?

    Hey there! Say that I want to like pictures that include the words "Garlic." Will there make any difference as to whether I enter the query "garlic" or "#garlic"? Thank you, my dear.
  19. T

    Adding Search Filter

    Dear BHW, I am having hard time to find any recent post about my searched queries. Request you to put sort/filter option to the search results. At least we could look the possibly recent active threads about our queries. Also I would suggest to start a section where someone can find all related...
  20. C

    Determine Query Effectiveness in FollowLiker

    Can someone tell me how to determine the effectiveness of my queries in FollowLiker (running Instagram and Twitter versions)? I want to run some split-testing but have no idea how to see which user scrapes were pulled from which queries.
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