1. Seo Lover

    How my ecommerce venture helped me build my own production house & how I plan to scale it further - Journey with weekly updates!

    About us: For a brief introduction about us, we are an e-commerce company that has excelled in the field of Neon Sign Business over the years with an unmatched boom in the market. WHAT WE DO: Let's talk about how it all started: In early 2019 we stumbled upon the idea of selling neon signs as...
  2. Xilick

    [looking for talented video editor]

    Hello BHW! I am looking to hire a talented video editor. I am fine if you have less experience, as long as you can produce something that looks of high quality and doesn't have an amateurish vibe - and are willing to improve over time. The videos are mostly for YouTube channels of various sizes...
  3. maxa

    After Effects Problem ( error 0x80070002 )

    So staright to the point, when im done with editing video in After Effects, then when i export it and try to play it - this fucking error pops up. I tried every fckn possible solution i found on the internet, is there anyone who had this issue before ? What should i do ? Thanks
  4. maxa

    Adobe After Effects Problem

    Hi i'm having issues with rendering video in After Effects, so when i try to export the video, and then play it, this message pops up : I tried every fkin thing i found on the internet, is there anyone who had similar problem and knows the solution for it ? Thanks
  5. Roger Sondrup

    Glad to finally be a part of BHW!

    Where has this forum been all my life! Well my production career only goes back about 5 years. So it makes sense. Plus, I'm 100% self-taught! Graduated with a degree from the University of YouTube, with an emphasis on Adobe CC. I grew up in the pacific northwest. Had a good home, but a...
  6. Takurah

    Q&A| All things Content and Video Production. Here to Help

    Your Questions my answers. Simple as that About me: I've been in theater my whole life. 10 years of video production A Literal Innumerable amount of projects shot completed and published. Every role: actor director stage had sound editing creative director concept creator EVERYTHING Shoot i...
  7. jimmy112

    This video is produced in whcih Software

    can anyone tell me this video is produced in which software as i want to create one similar Thanks a lot guys
  8. collegeguys4

    What is best video length for youtube and vimeo?

    What would be the ideal video length for a target audience of a parent verse a child?
  9. Shadexpwn

    Entertainment & Media Production - Forum Section Idea #2

    Living the street or night life sounds appealing to some of the darker people on this board and might already been implemented already as noted by some of the hidden super members that speak little of their methods, but more on their lifestyles. Some people specialize in promotion whereas other...
  10. I


    Greetings friends! Great stuff are here! The best forum! I am Ivi - frontman and producer of my band "IVEZA and ELEMENTS" and i wish to invite all members to listen my songs and recomend to your friends. I would like to hear your opinion... Cheers friends!!!
  11. S

    Music video making tutorials & techniques?

    I own an audio production facility and I am trying to start a mini label in order to help the artists that I am working with. I'd like to invest in video production, also, so that I could make videos for the music that I am working on. Could you recommend me some good tutorials/video production...
  12. H

    Best way to generate 10,000 personalized videos and upload to YouTube

    I have original copyrighted material (songs) that I would like to match with a video and upload each personalized version to YouTube. I can have the video in any format. The songs are currently mp3's. Metadata would change to the file name. All videos would be the same length. I am looking for...
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