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Entertainment & Media Production - Forum Section Idea #2

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by Shadexpwn, May 14, 2015.

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    Living the street or night life sounds appealing to some of the darker people on this board and might already been implemented already as noted by some of the hidden super members that speak little of their methods, but more on their lifestyles.

    Some people specialize in promotion whereas other will highly regard themselves as explicit to the modernity booming industry of Media Huslting and Entertainment integration.

    Many people live lives others dream of and manage them exclusively for their alter ego and excitement, This category of forum sections within this bulletin would easily allow others to gather and incorporate with others in the same type of notion and learn kills and indirect motives to streamline their amazing choice of being a part of this blazingly fast culture and choice of occupation.

    People can add input in the form of sticker promotion of strip clubs or phone sex hotline numbers or even yard signs and also potentially bandit signs if people still regulate the trade as fluently as prior.

    This section has lasting potential in this competitive industry of Internet Marketinf and I feel it would boost this entire forum into a new era of innovation in which people can create or tap into.

    Music production would easily be an idea people could also develop and we may even have people posting their mix tapes in the lounge motivating people to continue pursuing the life of their dreams.

    Entertainment & Media Production is a more advanced name ofr Lifestyle and covers a more wide variety of topics and is seamlessly better for more data in line for covering this entire niche sector.