1. S

    Are there any pop culture or entertainment sites here?

    Hello, I'm curious if there are any sites or blogs here that focus on pop culture or general entertainment. In particular I'm curious about how many there are and the general makeup of the demographics. For example: general regions the audience hails from, political or social-issue leanings...
  2. A

    Beat your bookmakers with Abdulsamad**

    Marseille vs Stade Rennes Double chance Draw Or Stade Rennes1.40 Hai Phong vs Ha Noi Double chance Draw Or Ha Noi1.34 Troyes vs Auxerre Double chance Troyes Or Draw1.22 Total odds:2.29 odds
  3. Dark Hat 007

    [HOT] Expired Domain, new domain or Sub-domain Which is better for Amazon affiliate?

    I want to start an Amazon site, I have a domain in the entertainment and music niche. It has a DA of 20 and has been here for 2½ Years. Should I create a sub domain under it and start my affiliate journey or I buy an expired or new domain?
  4. sumitgupta1992

    My news site with amp and your content

    Hello Guys, I am looking forward to a partnership or joint venture. I have a entertainment news site that is Google News approved and AMP enabled. The site is ranking pretty decently and needs a ton of content on a daily basis. Now due to other commitments and lack of resources I am unable to...
  5. Media Nomads

    Attach Your Favorite Meme

    Let's entertain everyone here with the best memes. Add your favorite!
  6. F

    Hey would love feedback on me and my wife’s channel

    I’m looking forward to working with ppl in the LA area looking for feed back and support for my channel on YOUTUbE @Fnsgbluesleeves let’s me know how you feel and like the channel
  7. ShiningWarrior

    How to watch new movies and tv shows as soon as they come out?

    Hey BHWers, I don't go to theaters to watch movies because honestly, I don't like spending money on those and most importantly, it's time wasting for me. However, I would like to watch those English movies and Tv Shows as soon as they come out. So, on the paid way - which online sites have all...
  8. bvj

    Hello, I am BVJ from Mumbai india

    I am glad to be here. I have been uploading videos on my youtube channel I am looking at ways to promote my channel. Regards Vinod Jethmalani
  9. LyyK

    Cryptocurrency in Popular Culture (Entertainment)

    Just thought it could be a fun idea to try and assimilate various references to cryptocurrency from entertainment pop culture (e.g. music, movies, tv-series) into one place. Knowing what views are pushed in mainstream media, on a consumer level, could give us a better understanding of what the...
  10. Black&WhiteLinks

    Awesome Things You Didn’t Learn Even School!

    :p:pThis is what Venom does to blood. This is what the Pythagorean theorem (a² + b² = c²) looks like. A day in the artic summer, when the sund does not set. Earth compared to the largest Star. How Pop-tarts are made This is a trick you can do with older computer monitors...
  11. Gary Carlyle

    Best entertainment paying trial that isnt dating or gambling.

    Hi, I have a TV website and I want to offer a free trial of something in the entertainment category but since I use Adsense and I am in the UK I want to avoid dating or gambling. So far I am thinking Amazon Prime but it only pays £3 commission. I would still like to hear other offers in...
  12. M

    "Slimmer Shady" Music Video

  13. !nj3ct3d

    Anime Niche or Animals Niche

    Please, help me. I have those pages with almost same country reached (tier 1/2). But, I have only a bit of money to promote it and also get some revenue. Whats the best niche to promote? The Animals or Anime niche?
  14. R

    Selling advertising on my website

  15. Shadexpwn

    Entertainment & Media Production - Forum Section Idea #2

    Living the street or night life sounds appealing to some of the darker people on this board and might already been implemented already as noted by some of the hidden super members that speak little of their methods, but more on their lifestyles. Some people specialize in promotion whereas other...
  16. U

    what is your top 5 movies and top 5 shows?

    Here is mine Top 5 Movies 1. Revolver 2. Donnie Brasco 3. Matrix Trilogy 4. V for Vendetta 5. Taken Top 5 Shows 1. Sopranos 2. Dexter 3. The Big Bang Theory 4. The Walking Dead 5. Friends
  17. A

    Happy Durga Puja

    Happy Durga Puja to all my indian brothers and sisters. Wish you have a good time during this one of the best festival in india and now it is also celebrated in few places of London and US. ENJOY !!!!! :)
  18. P

    Girl kicks robbers BUTT! HAHAHA This is hilarious [MUST SEE]

    LOL This girl kicked his butt! I don't care if it's fake or not lol
  19. M

    Writer for SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT needed.

    I am looking for a skilled writer for Sports and Entertainment topics in the USA. I have lots of work for the next 3 months. Please provide samples and referrals. Thank you in advance,
  20. K

    Best CPM Ad Networks for Entertainment Websites

    Hello Everybody, I need to ask that i have a new free mp3 music download website,i need banners and popunders for my website...I Just know a website : songspk.pk.. I Want to know the best ad networks like him... i want you all to suggest me some networks that show ads related to free download...